A criminal organization that sent drugs to Sweden dismantled in Malaga

Ten people have been arrested and seized more than 714 kilos of hashish, 226 of marijuana, 0.463 of powdered amphetamines and 136,507 euros in cash, among other effects

The organization, led by a Swedish citizen, trafficked from Spain to Sweden, hiding the drug in postal items, double photos of trucks, ornamental fountains, ovens and biscuit boxes.

Agents of the Civil Guard and the National Police, within the framework of the Toy-Boxer operation, have dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking. In the operation, the agents have arrested ten people for their alleged involvement in the crimes of belonging to a criminal organization and drug trafficking. In addition, 714.5 kilograms of hashish, 226.4 of marijuana, 0.463 of powdered amphetamines have been seized, as well as more than a hundred boxes of medicines, 13 high-end watches, 14 vehicles – trucks, utility vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds- and 136,507 euros in cash, among other effects.

Last March, the Civil Guard in Mijas intercepted a package destined for Sweden containing five kilograms of marijuana and 300 grams of hashish. Later, in May, the National Police intercepted in Estepona another shipment to Sweden that contained five kilograms of marijuana, both sent by the same person, a woman of Dutch nationality.

Investigators from both police forces found that behind these shipments there was a criminal organization settled in the province of Malaga made up of members of different nationalities, mainly Swedish, who lived with their families on the Costa del Sol and maintained a high standard of living.

The agents managed to find out that the Dutch woman resided in Marbella and that, during the years 2018 and 2019, she had made numerous shipments to recipients located in Sweden. At the same time, the Norwegian Police also intercepted a package sent by the woman under investigation from Mijas to Sweden with 4.5 kilograms of marijuana. All the shipments were linked to who turned out to be the leader of the organization, a man of Swedish nationality, with numerous records and arrests in his country and settled in a luxury home in Benahavís (Málaga).

This person, who did not carry out any professional activity, went to various gyms in the San Pedro Alcántara area (Marbella), where he held meetings and contacts with other members of the criminal network.

His work consisted of planning, organizing and supervising criminal actions (the majority consisting of the introduction of hashish from Morocco and the purchase of marijuana in Spain for subsequent distribution to other European countries), the distribution of functions and tasks to be carried out by part of the other members of the organization, the cash collection of the services provided and the payment to their subordinates and collaborators, contact with suppliers and buyers of narcotics, control of the finances of the organization, as well as the introduction of benefits obtained illicitly in the legal course.

Drug hidden in the vehicles of a "gondola" type truck

The leader of the organization had contacts with the owner of a transportation company that had a fleet of "gondola" type trucks. In May of last year, the German customs police seized, at a border control in the port of Lübeck, just before being loaded onto a ferry to Sweden, 92 kilograms of hashish hidden in a vehicle that was carrying one of these trucks as cargo.

Last November, the agents detected several contacts of the main investigated with a natural individual from Norway -resident in Benalmádena- and others of Latvian nationality, intervening with one of them 135,000 euros in cash that supposedly made up the payment of a shipment of drug.

Days later, the agents observed how the main investigated and the individual whose money was seized, entered an industrial warehouse in San Pedro Alcántara (Málaga), from where he left driving a vehicle that was intercepted in Loja (Granada), where the agents located a double bottom in the area of ​​the rear footrest, with 30 kilograms of hashish and six of marijuana hidden.

In the subsequent search of the address of one of them, located in Benalmádena, a sophisticated facility for the treatment and packaging of marijuana, postal envelopes prepared for shipment to Norway, and six boxes of cookies containing identical containers were found. those used by the legitimate brand and that contained 12 grams of marijuana chopped and ready for consumption. More than 80 vacuum packed marijuana cigarettes were also found, which the investigator filled in vials and sent by post to Norway. Several thousand glass, plastic and rubber vials and filter cigarette paper wrappers were found ready to be filled with marijuana, as well as precision scales.

In another of the searches carried out in the home of one of those investigated, a laboratory was found that was composed of a machine for pumping and mixing liquids, a machine for making tablets or pills, a labeling machine, a machine for packaging vacuum, a sealing machine, thousands of vials, labels, boxes, individual containers, caps, as well as a host of athletic performance enhancing substances such as testosterone and steroids.

In addition, the agents found that the members of the organization had advanced knowledge in PGP technology (used to encrypt information), which allowed them to contact their buyers safely over the Internet.

Structures built to camouflage the drug

The San Pedro de Alcántara industrial warehouse was the “operations center” of the criminal organization, from which most of the drug shipments to Sweden originated.

In this warehouse, an investigator of Estonian nationality and right hand of the leader in terms of logistics and concealment of the drug carried out all kinds of construction work, who used all kinds of industrial tools to build metal, cement, wood or metal structures. plastic, in addition to being in charge of manufacturing double bottoms in the vehicles.

Last January, a shipment of 55 kilograms of marijuana was intercepted, also bound for Sweden, hidden in a decorative garden fountain. A month later, a new seizure of 250 kilograms of hashish and 150 kilograms of marijuana hidden inside pallets of the San Pedro de Alcántara warehouse, loaded on a truck bound for Sweden, was achieved.

The recipients of this shipment were detained by the Swedish Police upon arrival of the merchandise. In Guadix (Granada), 342 kilos of hashish were seized hidden in structures that pretended to be industrial kilns for ceramics.

This criminal organization maintained contacts with cocaine clans in the Peruvian jungle that planned to send the organization several shipments of cocaine for later distribution, truncating these shipments due to the closure of borders by COVID-19.

In this operation we have had the collaboration of the Police of Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, France and Portugal, with the coordination of EUROPOL.


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