The Assembly recovers its parliamentary activity this coming week, after three months without ordinary plenary sessions, and VOX Ceuta will put four initiatives to vote, three of which were pending debate in the last plenary session. The first of the proposals defended by the VOX Parliamentary Group will be to approve a comprehensive action plan in Benzú.

VOX proposes "a true comprehensive reform of the neighborhood that turns it into a well-equipped and adequately endowed urban nucleus, but also sustainable, respectful of its natural environment and urban planning." An urban and residential space in which residents can develop their lives "under the same conditions as the rest of the people of Ceuta, in harmony with the law and the environment" and this is underlined by VOX.

Second, and regarding the growing problem of the illegal occupation of houses, VOX Ceuta will defend a proposal to create a body of support and legal advice to natural or legal persons who are victims of an illegal occupation. Until the month of August, in the city there had been 22 complaints for this crime. However, the victims of the occupations are helpless before a protectionist law with those who commit the crime of usurping a home.

UME detachment in Ceuta

It will also be proposed to urge the National Government to create a detachment of the Military Emergency Unit in the city. In March, the national deputy of training for Ceuta, Teresa López, already registered a Proposition No of Law to establish this detachment in the city and thus avoid having to wait several hours for the UME to travel to Ceuta in case of emergency . Now, the formation takes another step and takes this proposal to the plenary session of the Assembly.

Regarding immigration and in the face of the so-called effect policies of the PSOE Government and United We Can, VOX presents this initiative that at the local level proposes to convene the Local Security Board in order to permanently and effectively coordinate the Local Police with the National Police and Civil Guard operations in order to support and collaborate in the work of detention and retention of illegal immigrants.

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