A laboratory dedicated to the manufacture of cocaine dismantled in Navarra

There are seven people arrested and six kilos of cocaine ready for sale have been seized

There have been 10 searches in homes and premises in Pamplona and region in which material necessary for the manufacture of narcotics has been intervened

The Civil Guard, in a joint operation with the National Police and the Tax Agency, has dismantled a cocaine laboratory in Navarra and dismantled the criminal organization that exploited it.

The investigations began in the month of May after a complaint about damage to a home in Lakuntza (Navarra), apparently caused by former tenants. The home inspection uncovered a possible clandestine laboratory for the manufacture of narcotics. In addition, several detonating weapons were found that had been modified to be used as real firearms.
Investigators detected how detainees acquired legal chemicals, commonly used for the manufacture and adulteration of cocaine.
These chemicals were transported in vehicles to various homes and storage rooms spread over several locations near Pamplona, ​​where the following steps were taken to obtain narcotic drugs.
After 10 records – in 8 homes, a store and a workshop – in the towns of Pamplona, ​​Berriozar, Berrioplano, Burlada and Egües, almost six kilos of cocaine of a very high purity have been seized, ready for sale. Agents have also found 45 liters of liquid, which reacts positively to cocaine tests, and is awaiting expert analysis to determine its composition and quantify the amount of drug that could have been produced. In addition, more than 130 kilos of other chemical substances necessary for the manufacture of narcotic drugs have been seized.
The laboratory where the products were processed was located in a house in the Egüés Valley (Navarra) and there was a large amount of material and instruments necessary for its manufacture such as molds, presses, template and logo for printing of the organization's brand. Two vehicles and numerous mobile devices have also been seized.
As a result of all this, seven people, of Spanish, Colombian and Venezuelan nationalities, have been arrested as alleged perpetrators of crimes belonging to criminal groups and against public health.
Under the supervision of the Court of Instruction number 3 of Pamplona, ​​the operation “KIMIKOA / RAL” has been carried out jointly between the Civil Guard, National Police and the Tax Agency, and has had the advice and support of the Intelligence Center against the Terrorism and Organized Crime (CITCO).


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