A mother arrested for producing sex videos with her daughters and selling them online

Joint operation of the Civil Guard with the Swedish Police

The 35-year-old woman of Swedish nationality was arrested by the Civil Guard in the province of Malaga for abusing two of her daughters, 14 and 8 years of age at the time the events occurred

In the operation another 5 people have been arrested by the Swedish Police (3 men and 2 women)

Given the seriousness of the crimes committed, the detainee was placed in provisional prison and her children were transferred to Sweden, where with the collaboration of the Spanish social services they were provided with host families

Within the framework of the KASINO operation, developed jointly between the Civil Guard and the Swedish Police, a total of 6 people have been arrested, all of Swedish nationality for the alleged crimes of production and distribution of sexual abuse material to minors. 5 of these people were arrested by the Swedish Police (3 men and 2 women), and another woman by the Civil Guard in Benalmádena (Málaga).

The 35-year-old woman, who was arrested by the Civil Guard in Benalmádena (Málaga), is accused of sexual assault on two of her underage daughters, aged 14 and 8, as well as for the production and distribution of pedophile material on the same victims.

The investigations began last year by the Swedish Police, discovering that several women were using minors from their family environment to produce pedophile content material and sell it through the internet, so it was proceeded, at first, to the arrest of two people related to the facts.

From Sweden to Malta and Spain

Continuing with the investigations, the agents were able to verify that a woman who could be related to these events would have left Sweden with at least 4 of her 5 children, all of them minors.

This investigation indicated that this woman could have gone to Malta and that from there she would have made her way to Spain, so the Swedish authorities, via EUROPOL, requested the collaboration of the Civil Guard for the location of this person and her children, alerting the At the same time of the existence of pedophile material with at least two of his daughters, sold by the researcher herself on the internet.
In this way, by the Department of Telematic Crimes of the Central Operating Unit of the Civil Guard, urgent steps were initiated to find the whereabouts of this person, being able to confirm that the investigated would have been registered in our country to obtain a NIE, providing a false address.

Social Network Analysis

Thanks to the analysis of images uploaded on social networks by one of the daughters, it was possible to identify a house in the Malaga town of Mijas, in which, after making several checks it was found that this family was only there for a few weeks. Subsequently, the agents identified other addresses, in which in the same way, this family member only resided for very short periods of time.
Finally, the investigation led to an address of the Malaga town of Benalmádena, where the agents located the family, urgently activating the international judicial cooperation channels, with a meeting in which representatives of EUROJUST, Prosecutors of Sweden and Malaga participated , Civil Guard and Police of Sweden.

Rapid judicial and police cooperation

Following this meeting, a European arrest warrant was issued against the investigated and a European investigation order allowing a search at home.
It should be noted that thanks to international cooperation, both in the judicial field with EUROJUST and in the police with EUROPOL, it has allowed that in just a few days from the first information that pointed to Spain, the home registration and the arrest of the alleged sex offender.
At the time of the arrest of this woman, the four minors had 14, 13, the only male, 8 and 5 years of age, being able to corroborate in view of the result of a first analysis of the information found at home, that sexual abuse would have been committed, at least, on two of the daughters of the detainee, aged 14 and 8 respectively.
The detainee, given the seriousness of the events, immediately entered the provisional prison decreed by the National Court, while her children, through the collaboration of the Spanish and Swedish social services, were transferred to their country of origin where they were provided different host families.

Discarded the commission of abuses in Spain

Once the material intervened by the Department of Telematic Crimes of UCO was analyzed, it was confirmed that sexual abuse of minors would not have occurred in our country, so that the request for extradition was accepted by the Spanish judicial authorities issued by Sweden.
That same analysis, together with the statements of the detainee, allowed to identify more people involved in the investigated facts, proceeding by the Swedish authorities to the arrest of three buyers of pedophile material in the Scandinavian country.
Recently, the Swedish competent court has published the sentence for these events, condemning the person detained in Spain, to a total of six years in prison for sexual abuse committed on two of his daughters, as well as for the production and dissemination of material of sexual abuse of minors. The three men arrested thanks to the information obtained by the Civil Guard, as well as the two women previously detained in Sweden, have also been sentenced with prison sentences.
For more information you can contact the Press Office of the Central Operating Unit of the Civil Guard, telephone 91 503 13 27.


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