The events happened on Monday 10th when Isabel Lázaro, Provincial President of VOX Tarragona, left her car parked in front of the Provincial Headquarters of VOX Tarragona. According to Lázaro, “after a day's work I went to pick up my car and found it punctured and all scratched”. And he added that "being the only vehicle that had suffered damage, I have no doubt that it was a direct attack against me and what I represent." This has been denounced today before the offices of the Urban Guard of Tarragona.

Isabel before this fact has declared that "I am convinced that my public appearances in different party events where my image is spread have been able to facilitate this direct attack of hatred". On the other hand, he has made it clear that "despite everything, despite any threat or attack, no one will gag me, much less now that we are subjected to the social-communist regime born of ETA terrorism and the Catalan coup."

"On repeated occasions we have found threatening graffiti in our headquarters, some are even still exposed today"

Isabel has also revealed that it is not an isolated event “the members of VOX constantly have to deal with insults, attacks and aggressions, both material and personal, like the one suffered by María Grima, a VOX affiliate who was brutally attacked during the demonstrations of the month of October against the sentence of the “procés” solely for carrying a Spanish flag ”. He also recalled that "we have repeatedly found threatening graffiti in our headquarters, some are even still exposed today."

Consequently, the President of VOX in the province has said that "his party is more necessary than ever." And he affirms that "it will be a containment dam limiting the rights and freedoms of all Spaniards and that each new attack on an affiliate, friend or supporter of VOX is a new impulse to continue fighting against totalitarianism." Finally, he wanted to send a message of confidence "to all defenders of freedom, to all those who are against the enemies of Spain, and of the rule of law and the Crown, so that they know that VOX is not going to abandon them, that they will never ally themselves with traitors ”.

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