A Peruvian citizen accused of raping his daughter repeatedly for at least 4 years in Madrid

The events of which he is accused took place in his country of origin between 2011 and 2014, being the minor victim

Analyzed the environment of the detainee, it is not clear to investigators that this person has committed similar crimes in our country

The Civil Guard has arrested in the Madrid town of Fuenlabrada the Peruvian citizen H.C.A, 49, accused by the authorities of his country of crimes of Sexual Assault on the person of his own daughter, being this minor.

The investigation begins after the Justice Flee Team of the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard, following police cooperation with other international bodies and organizations, had knowledge through the office of INTERPOL in Spain, of the possible presence in our country of an individual claimed by the Peruvian authorities accused of committing repeated serious crimes of a sexual nature.

Conducted various inquiries by researchers, it was found that this person was residing in the Community of Madrid, carrying out renovation work in the field of construction, all after following the trail by several homes in which the escape was residing

In this way, the agents were able to know that HCA was aware of the claim of the Peruvian authorities towards his person, so he focused his activity on hiding, constantly changing his address and location of residence, not reporting these changes or his own family environment, which he totally distrusted, even more so after the importance of the type of crimes he was accused of.

With the passage of time, the escape began to feel safe in their environment, regaining even confidence in their own family, gradually hiding and even doing some specific work.

Once fully identified by the agents and analyzed their environment and activity, he was arrested, at which time he was accompanied by the person who had been providing shelter and livelihood for the past few weeks.

Apparently, HCA, after having resided in the US for a few years, returned to his country in 2011, where his daughter was residing at that time was 11 years old, thus beginning by the detainee, a series of attacks sexual on his person, which lasted over time with great assiduity for at least 4 years.

The detainee has been placed at the disposition of the Central Court of Instruction number 2 of the National Court which has decreed his entry into prison pending extradition.

For more information, please contact the Press Office of the Central Operating Unit of the Civil Guard at 91.503.13.27.


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