A Polish organization dedicated to the export of marijuana dismantled in Granada

75 people have been arrested for the alleged crimes of belonging to a criminal organization, drug production and trafficking, money laundering and illegal possession of weapons

The illicitly obtained profits exceed 8 million euros

One of the leaders emulated Pablo Escobar's house at his home, where he had a plane at the entrance

The Civil Guard has dismantled in Granada an important Polish organization dedicated to the international sale and distribution of marijuana. The Vangelis operation – coordinated by EUROPOL and with the collaboration of the Polish Police – has resulted in the arrest of 75 people, of Spanish and Polish nationalities, for the alleged crimes of belonging to a criminal organization, drug processing and trafficking, money laundering and illegal possession of weapons.

The investigation began in November 2017 when the presence in the province of Granada of a criminal organization that operated permanently and that was dedicated to the production, distribution and trade of large quantities of marijuana destined for different countries of the Union was detected. European.
The now disjointed network, perfectly hierarchical and directed from Poland, had numerous members in Granada, each of them with their specific mission. One group regularly supplied the organization with marijuana; another was in charge of collecting the marijuana harvested for transfer; a step dedicated to the reception, packaging, storage and custody of the substance. It also had another branch dedicated to transportation and international relations that was in charge of transmitting the orders of the organization's leadership; all this constituting an effective network of high criminal capacity.
They always acted the same way. The marijuana was cultivated and collected in different plantations in the province of Granada that different intermediaries stored it to later give it to the organization. When a large quantity of marijuana was available, it was packaged, loaded into high-tonnage trucks equipped with sophisticated double bottoms, and transported to the destination country. The marijuana had to pass a quality control before shipment, a task carried out by one of the leaders of the international branch.
One of the strong people of the organization, had a farm labeled at the entrance with the name "Hacienda Napoles". You could see a real plane over the access door, similar to the one that drug trafficker Pablo Escobar had on his Colombian farm. The interior of the enclosure was decorated with photographs of various members of this criminal organization displaying weapons and large amounts of money. This property was used to show off the power of the network and was used to close drug transactions and hold celebrations.
The way of life and ostentation that the Polish international structure had when it reached the national territory was especially significant. Celebrations in the best restaurants, accommodations in luxury hotels, as well as parties with national leaders. The leaders' visits were very frequent in order to control and supervise the activities of their landowners in the area.

Two drug transports in semi-rigid trucks intervened

The operation was carried out in three phases, the first one beginning in October 2019. In it, 24 house searches were carried out in different locations in the province of Granada, in which two high-capacity drug transports were intervened in semi-rigid trucks. , hidden among the legal burden; more than half a ton of marijuana buds already collected and packed; 2,690 cannabis sativa plants; 187,440 euros in cash and 2 pistols. In addition, 75 people were arrested, of Spanish and Polish nationalities.

Money laundering from drug trafficking

The investigators obtained numerous documentation and evidence that related the dismantled organization to money laundering actions resulting from its criminal activity. For this reason, several bank accounts with more than 370,000 euros have been blocked and a total of 36 properties were seized preventively, as well as around fifty vehicles, related to members of the group. These movable and immovable property are valued at more than 8 million euros.
The operation, coordinated by the Court of Instruction No. 4 of Santa Fe (Granada), has been carried out by agents belonging to the Organized Crime and Anti-drug Team (EDOA) of the Civil Guard of Granada, who have had the collaboration of officers of the Organized Crime Unit of the Wroclaw Regional Command of the Central Investigation Office of the Polish Police.
For more information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office (OPC) of Granada on the phone 958 185 419.


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