Logroño, February 14, 2020

The Riojan Parliament Every time he tries to get to work, he does it for something other than for the interests of our community. The last one is to urge the Government of Spain to decriminalize euthanasia.

Once again, we see how socialist proposals about euthanasia are surrounded by cynicism: they have no legal, ethical, political or humanitarian justification. If they wanted to alleviate the pain for reasons of true humanity, they would have brought a palliative care law, because 50% of the patients die in pain because they do not have access to palliative care.

Human life has a value in itself and VOX will always defend it, from conception to its natural end. No one owns life; not even of life itself; therein lies the Dignity of the Person, which is the foundation of the social order according to art. 10 of the Constitution, another one of those articles that the left forgets every day.

The value of life is objective and universal. It is not granted by a social agreement, nor of course the politicians, or even oneself. It is an objective value that recognizes our legal system. To consider it in another way would have terrible consequences, such as deciding who has dignity to live and who doesn't.

Therefore, joining dignity to the quality of life is extremely dangerous. Under the politically correct label of “dignified death,” what really exists is to consider the sick as unworthy people to devote all health efforts to their healing..

This law seeks to change the culture of life for a culture of death. Subvert the values ​​on which the Constitution is based. It is the culmination of a dehumanized plan where life is worthless; and the human being is valued as long as it is not an economic or social burden. For us, the human being will never be a burden. The Common Good requires us to make every effort to alleviate the
suffering of the sick: supporting the family, which is where the person finds their inner circle of love and protection; improving systems and units of palliative care and hospital pain units, and contributing to the social awareness that all lives matter, and that no one can value or decide when or why no one should die.

VOX demands a palliative care law and a reform that allows regular work permits so that those who need to care for a patient can do so.

Euthanasia and palliative care are not the same: in one case it is about eliminating or relieving pain and illness; in the other to eliminate the sick.

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