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This global event of young entrepreneurs was born in 2010 in the heat of the international crisis, so that young entrepreneurs could discuss the problems they face when undertaking and make a single common front to provide solutions and indicate the path to Follow the governments of the G20 member countries.

Every year during the Official Summit, young entrepreneurs exchange ideas and visions, create and expand their network of contacts, give life to international collaborations and projects, but above all, set an example to the international community by demonstrating that everyone's problems are solved. only with the agreement of all. For it, an official communiqué is reached that is raised to the international leaders of the G20 so that a unique and strong voice arrives that marks the direction to follow.

This year's announcement is made up of the following five points:

1. Promote global free trade and free movement of young entrepreneurs.

2. Improve access to finance by creating a digital infrastructure that reduces barriers.

3. Support entrepreneurs to be vehicles to improve society and the environment. (Total support for sustainable businesses because we are especially concerned that the next generation can inherit a livable world and not a totally polluted and exhausted one)

4. Invest in the digital infrastructure of services for development. (EGovernment model)

5. Update the education system, directing it to the promotion of entrepreneurship.

The next meeting will be in October 2020 in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).

All young Spanish entrepreneurs who are members of the event can participate in the event Aje, the Association of Young Entrepreneurs

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