Jerez de la Frontera, November 9, 2020. – The team of VOX Jerez requires the City Council to new nomenclature for the Las Torres neighborhood road, between Listán street and Plaza del Cabeceo, his name is José Ignacio Gordon de la Serna.

It should be remembered that on October 1, the Jerez City Council approved the new nomenclature for this road, which was not registered. The proposal of the City Council is José Manuel Trillo, a trade unionist very active of Workers' Commissions that was condemned in several sentences for thousands of euros and a pardon, related to their union activities and days of strikes, such as pickets.

The VOX Jerez team considers that it is fair that, one of the two martyrs from Jerez what's in your story, have a public recognition like naming a street.

Currently, few Jerezan people are probably aware of the life of the illustrious Jerez-born José Ignacio Gordon de la Serna. It is mandatory to remember it in the 84th anniversary of his death.

This illustrious Jerez was a priest that, having everything in his land, since he was the son of the Marquis of Irún, left it in missions to help the most disadvantaged. He was surprised by the Civil War in Alboraya (Valencia), where was shot because of his faith. He died for his religious ideals along with other religious companions. In its beatificationIn 2017, Pope Francis defined his death "out of hatred of the faith."

His testimony of faith and forgiveness has always been a reference and a stimulus for missionary coherence. The memory of their last words addressed to his murderers perfectly summarize the vocation of this young priest: "We forgive you with all our heart".

Example of generosity to the end, his legacy should be a great opportunity for the reconciliation and, without a doubt, the city of Jerez, and its City Council, must take them into account. His devotion and example, beyond religion, are more than necessary in our day.

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