Ábalos agrees with the FEMP the creation of the Cities Forum

The minister has transferred to Caballero that the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma) is the true "Ministry of Cities", hence the importance of creating this permanent and institutionalized Forum whose purpose is to ensure collaboration between the Department and the FEMP.

Ábalos has highlighted the importance of the implementation of the new Urban Agenda in Spanish municipalities and, with it, of developing policies of great interest for citizens such as mobility, housing and rehabilitation, humanization of public spaces, zero emission areas, etc. .

The Spanish Urban Agenda, as pointed out by the minister, responds to a more modern and evolved conception of cities and towns, such as the spaces in which the great challenges of our time are settled, among which he mentioned the climatic emergency, inclusion, technological challenge, competitiveness, quality of life, human capital or demographic challenge.

The head of the Department explained that the Spanish Urban Agenda is the strategic document that gathers this new vision and is carried out in line with the most current visions of cities and urban spaces, according to the criteria of the 2030 Agenda, the new United Nations Urban Agenda and the Urban Agenda for the European Union.

For Ábalos, it is essential that the relationship between the Department and the municipalities, through the FEMP, evolves and is aligned with the approach of the Urban Agenda.

In addition, he added that a guide will be prepared on the contents of the Urban Agenda, which will allow it to be disseminated among local entities, both in the technical and political spheres.

Strategic Objectives of the Urban Agenda

The implementation of the Spanish Urban Agenda in the municipalities will also be promoted, so that they can develop their Agendas and their Action Plans, which will be related to the strategic objectives included in the Agenda:

Among these objectives, the minister has highlighted:

  • Sustainable Urban Development: sustainable land use as a valuable and scarce resource.
  • The regeneration of the existing urban fabric, revitalizing the existing city, with multiple activities that reduce the need for displacement and increase the quality of life.
  • The enhancement of spaces and existing building and cultural heritage in cities and towns, with actions such as 1.5% Cultural.
  • Actions to promote proximity, reducing travel needs and increasing the quality of life of citizens.
  • Sustainability and energy rehabilitation of the housing stock and reach solutions related to universal accessibility both in public spaces and in the building.
  • Promote sustainable mobility: strengthening intermodality, low emission mobility and new forms of mobility.
  • Lead innovation in cities and actions related to "Smart Cities".
  • Encourage access to decent housing as an effective right of people. Promote housing policies, affordable rent and the creation of a public housing or public control park for affordable rent.

Outreach Days

In order to publicize the Spanish Urban Agenda and contribute to each city and town approving its own Urban Agenda and Action Plan in line with the Spanish Urban Agenda after a process of reflection and local participation, the Ministry of Transportation, Mobility and Urban Agenda will carry out a series of Forums, Conferences, Conferences, Seminars to reach all municipal areas as explained by the minister.

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