Ábalos announces that from tomorrow, Tuesday 31st, all public administrations must adjust their offer of public transport services to weekend schedules

The objective is to restrict mobility as much as possible during this time and to redesign a mobility scheme "that we are continually undergoing review", assured the minister, who added that "the mobility figures have become practically testimonial, that it gets even more pronounced over the weekend. "

That is why, as work and professional activity is the cause that explains most of the displacements that currently occur in our country, restricting them "will allow us to further adjust the mobility values ​​so that the working days of this week and the next one is closer to the weekend data, thus accelerating the containment of the spread of the virus, "said the head of the Department.

He Royal decree law published yesterday by the Government means, for Ábalos, "a necessary measure, which has been in effect for hours, and which, with the mobility data this morning, is already showing good results."

Affecting contracts in the Mitma area

As for the effect of Royal Decree-Law 10/2020 in the area of ​​development of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma), the minister has indicated that "the Royal Decree-law does not order the cessation of activity, rather, it establishes a paid permit to be adopted by companies that are not on the excluded list (essential activities, mainly) and for workers who are not excepted (telework and ERTEs) ".

With the priority of ensuring the supply of services and essential products, the minister has ensured that the contracts necessary to guarantee mobility, the security of infrastructure and transport services will not only continue to be provided, but are also essential.

As for the rest of the public works contracts in progress, the Royal Decree provides exceptions for those considered urgent. In the case of the non-excepted and not considered essential, workers will have the recoverable paid leave.

In any case, for these circumstances, a strictly essential minimum number of staff may be established, in order to maintain the essential activity.

Responsible statement

In this sense, Ábalos has announced that "we are going to publish a Ministerial Order (of the Ministry of Health) which establishes the right of workers to receive a responsible statement from the employing companies, identifying them as personnel who do not must submit to the recoverable paid permit established in Royal Decree Law 10/2020 ". This responsible declaration aims to facilitate the movement of workers from their home to their workplace.

In this same line of facilitating work for those who have to work, the minister has indicated that "we are preparing for its immediate entry into force, a new regulation to declare essential restoration services in certain Stations and Service Areas." These so-called essential establishments, although they will be kept closed to the general public, will provide catering services to those workers who during their working day are forced to move, such as professional freight and passenger transporters, security forces and bodies, and other workers who they may be in similar circumstances.

At the same time, work continues to ensure the implementation of the Ministerial Order that declared a series of tourist accommodation as essential services, which entered into force last week. For this reason, Ábalos assures that "we are going to approve a new Order that updates the list of accommodations from the previous one".

Winter road

Regarding the affectation of the State Highway Network with the snow storm announced for today, Monday 30 and tomorrow March 31, the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma) has activated the necessary means to deal with the snowfall that may occur in the Communities of Aragon, Cantabria, Catalonia, Valencia and Madrid during the snowstorm.

Ábalos has called for caution and extreme precautionary measures when traveling on the road, and to consult the information and recommendations contained by the General Directorate of Traffic and the Security Forces and Bodies.

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