Ábalos encourages us to continue working to ensure that the Government's measures in the fight against the coronavirus are complied with, in cooperation with the autonomous communities

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, has urged the government delegates in the autonomous communities, Ceuta and Melilla, with whom he has met by videoconference, to continue working to ensure that the measures are met of the Government in the fight against the Coronavirus, in cooperation with the different regional authorities.

Ábalos stressed that the measures adopted to reduce travel as much as possible, to favor the transport of supplies and minimize the risk of contagion, "have meant a drastic reduction in passenger traffic in all modes: 90% in Cercanías, 95 % in High Speed ​​and long distance, more than 90% on the road and almost 80% in air mode ".

Actions taken by Mitma

The minister recalled the work that the Ministry has been doing to try to achieve the objectives set, through various Ministerial Orders.

The most recent ones are focused on facilitating the transport of animals, clarifying the conditions in which the complementary and particular public private service must be carried out in vehicles of up to nine seats and which determines the essential hotel establishments to allow accommodation and provide catering services to workers who must perform essential services.

Regarding this last measure, Ábalos has requested the collaboration of the Government Delegations to make the adjustments and updates that are necessary to improve the provision of these services.

The head of the Department, in addition, has reviewed the rest of the measures carried out by the ministry:

  • Authorization to each regional or local authority to set the percentages of reduction of public transport services that they consider appropriate
  • There has been a temporary exception to compliance with the rules on driving and rest times in the transport of goods throughout the country.
  • Suspension of air and maritime traffic in the Autonomous Cities of Ceuta and Melilla, except for State, merchandise, health or emergency flights.
  • Regulation of air and maritime traffic in the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, to restrict the movement of passengers to the islands as much as possible.
  • Guarantee the distance between passengers, dictating a whole series of measures in collective transport and in tourism vehicles, both public and private.
  • Authorization to open establishments for the leasing of vehicles without a driver, for all the cases included in the decree of the state of alarm.

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