Equality and Interior are working closely to guarantee the exercise of liberties and the right to visibility of the LGTBI community

The signed protocol aims to promote the diversity and inclusion of the LGBTI community within the scope of the State Public Sector and promote awareness and the appropriate environment to carry it out among the employees of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, and its entities and dependent companies.

The minister has affirmed that in a scenario like the current one, in which the rights conquered by groups such as the LGBTI are increasingly questioned, it is necessary to take steps forward in the defense and consolidation of those rights.

Ábalos has declared that there is no going back on civil rights and that steps are still being taken, such as this one that your Department has given today, to reach a better horizon for all, convinced that the fight for non-discrimination and Visibility of the LGBTI community must be a cause of the entire Spanish society, such as the fight for equality between men and women, or the fight against sexist violence.

In this sense, the minister has expressed that the signed agreement is a step forward and with it the public companies of the Mitma group claim the visibility of the LGBTI community in the workplace as a political and social advance.

More and more companies understand that diversity in teams of people generates wealth and that contributes to innovation and decision-making in a more competitive way, as Ábalos has assured.

LGBTI visibility in the workplace

The head of the Department has stated that contributing to the visibility of LGBTI people in the work environment not only improves the situation of these people, but also represents an advantage and a contribution of values ​​for all.

In addition, he has ensured that he wants Mitma employees to feel as they are, that they feel comfortable in their work environment and it is for this reason that this agreement is launched.

Together with Ábalos, the president of Adif, Isabel Pardo de Vera, the president of Aena, Maurici Lucena, the general director of Enaire, Ángel Luis Arias, the president of Puertos del Estado, Francisco Toledo, the president of Ineco, Carmen Librero, the President of REDI, Miguel Castro Paz, and the Vice President of REDI, Eva Pérez Nanclares.

REDI (Business Network for Diversity and LGBTI Inclusion) is a non-profit association of companies and professionals with the common objective of promoting an inclusive and respectful environment in organizations, where talent is valued regardless of their identity, gender expression or sexual orientation.

REDI is currently made up of more than 85 companies from multiple sectors, including large companies such as Airbus, Amadeus, BBVA, Correos, Inditex, Repsol, Telefónica, P & G, and Banco Santander, among others, also counting on the CEOE as a collaborating agency. Among the main objectives of REDI are the training and support of companies in their management of diversity and the promotion of the inclusion of LGBTI people in the workplace.

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