Ábalos expresses his will to bring engineering closer to citizens through open days at the most significant works

To do this, "we will begin to make open days in the most significant works that are in progress," he announced.

He has done so at the headquarters of the Department, in Madrid, during the act of delivery of the National Civil Engineering Award, which in 2019 has fallen to the engineer Miguel Aguiló, of which the minister has highlighted "his dedication and contribution to the research, training and dissemination of civil engineering, especially in relation to its aesthetics, history and landscape".

A work that he has been doing since 2009 through the Foundation that bears his name and from which projects are supported that aim to make better known the great engineering works that magnify our landscape, as Ábalos has pointed out.

The National Civil Engineering Prize, which was born with the aim of recognizing the contribution of a profession to the social, economic, aesthetic and technological improvement of our country, recognizes, in the 2019 edition, the trajectory of an engineer of extensive prestige in the academic and professional field, both in public administration and in private companies.

Improve people's lives

For Ábalos, the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda has the challenge of satisfying the needs and demands of citizens in terms of sustainability, accessible mobility, greater well-being in the cities and guarantee of access to housing.

"Our purpose is to improve people's lives," said the minister, hence the main lines of the Department are mobility as a right, infrastructure security and its adaptation to climate change, transparency and digitalization, social access to housing and inclusive and universal mobility and sustainable territorial and urban development.

Some objectives that will be materialized, according to the head of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, in the future Mobility Law, the Spanish Urban Agenda and the Housing Law.

"It is no accident that we put the city as a frame of reference in an increasingly urban world," said the minister, because, in Spain, the urban population accounts for 82% of the total and concentrates only on 20% of the surface from the country.

According to Ábalos, in this context of transformation, mobility in metropolitan areas is a real challenge, while also playing a crucial role in achieving more sustainable smart cities.

Therefore, from the Ministry, different lines of action will be proposed aimed at achieving sustainable and accessible mobility for all, such as sustainable transport company plans, shared mobility initiatives and the promotion of active modes of transport through, for example, manuals of Good Practices that support local administrations.

Sustainable development

ArchiveThese measures will be channeled as part of the Spanish Urban Agenda, according to the criteria of the 2030 Agenda, announced the minister, who added that "the territorial and urban model we are committed to is inspired by the principle of sustainable development. A necessary principle to improve well-being in our cities and closely related to mobility, rehabilitation, regeneration urban, and affordable housing. "

With regard to Housing policies, Ábalos has indicated that "we must recover the time lost to realize the right to decent housing as a nuclear right of our system, as well as as a tool for economic development and the creation of job".

The minister stressed that, among other measures, a Rehabilitation Plan will be developed with urban and rural regeneration and renovation actions; Public-private collaboration formulas will be sought to mobilize public land and the first State Housing Law of Democracy will be presented in Congress.

Finally, Ábalos recalled that this month the results of the state system of reference indices of the rental price will be published, for which millions of data have been crossed. "Spain will now have one of the most transparent rental markets in the world, which will allow us to detect areas with abusive and exorbitant increases on which to act on a temporary basis," said the minister.

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