Ábalos: "From Mitma we have undertaken 84 actions to reduce mobility, guarantee supplies and protect the most vulnerable"

As stated in a public appearance that took place today at the Moncloa Palace, held together with the Ministers of Health and Interior and the Minister of Defense, the objectives pursued by these actions have been to reduce mobility, guarantee supply and protect the most vulnerable.

In total there have been 84 actions, of which 35 corresponding to passenger transport, 36 to merchandise and professionals in the sector, 9 related to its economic impact and 4 of a social nature, to which must be added those related to internal organizational issues from the Department.

As he has said, in the first days the initiatives aimed at stopping mobility in passenger transport stood out and, as that objective was being achieved, measures oriented towards the transport of goods and professionals in the sector stand out.

Ábalos stressed that "within my department we are working with a radical change of objectives. In a period of normality, Mitma has to facilitate mobility to the maximum, now we have to restrict it, because it is a threat to the control of the And we are doing this change with enormous speed and determination, with several ministerial orders a day, coordinating with all administrations. "

The minister has stressed that one of the main concerns is that the supply of essential goods is guaranteed. For this reason "I celebrate the commitment of the carriers, through the National Committee for Road Transportation, to maintain the transport and supply of medicines to hospitals at Easter."

Reduced mobility and housing assistance

The data reflects that the reduction in mobility has been drastic, Ábalos has asserted. The figures indicate a 98% reduction in medium and long-distance rail traffic, 94% in suburban trains, 96% in intercity buses, 92% by air and 83% light vehicles.

According to the minister "we can say that the exits of the citizens have been reduced practically to those who carry out essential jobs, to those who have to travel to receive health care and to the small micro-mobility exits that confined families have to do in their homes to provide supplies or the walk of pets. "

Regarding the measures in the area of ​​housing, Ábalos stresses that they have the objective of "preventing a person who is in a situation of vulnerability, conjunctural or prolonged in time, due to COVID 19, from also suffering the anguish of fearing staying in the street for not being able to pay the mortgage or rent. "

The head of the Department has also mentioned the 20,000 Spaniards who have been repatriated from abroad in recent weeks, 191 of whom have been repatriated this morning from India.

The minister has insisted that it is the most serious moment in our recent history, in view of the most pressing global threat that the planet is suffering, and due to the bases of reconstruction and recovery. "

Ábalos, lastly, has assured that "from Mitma every day we are taking steps to do so because only in this way, with everyone's help, will we ensure that Spain can overcome this virus as soon as possible".

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