The Acting Development Minister, José Luis Ábalos, has participated in the Informal Planning Council of the European Union (EU), meeting in Bucharest (Romania), which has dealt with the main achievements to date of the Urban Agenda for the EU and has debated and approved the Declaration of Bucharest.

At the meeting, Ábalos put at the disposal of all the "experience in the elaboration of the urban national policy for those other Member States interested in carrying out a similar process".

EU Member States have been cooperating jointly on urban issues through the Informal Meetings of Urban Development Ministers, organized on the initiative of the successive half-yearly presidencies of the EU Council, with the intention of working on a common framework for development urban in the European Union.

For its part, the Bucharest Declaration signed is an intermediate step between the Amsterdam Pact and the new Leipzig 2020 Charter with which to articulate both agreements and ensure the continuity of the Urban Agenda for the European Union.

In his speech, the acting minister congratulated himself on the "successful journey made since the Amsterdam Pact", when his corresponding Plans of Action were launched: "we are beginning to see the real fruits of the Urban Agenda for the EU process" said Ábalos.

In the same way, he informed the Commission that the implementation of the Action Plans is facilitated, as well as improving the regulation, financing and knowledge at European level. The Urban Agenda for the European Union is not a document of principles or objectives, but is conceived with a strong operational character to try to improve urban issues at European level.

Amsterdam Pact

In this regard, Ábalos stated that "we have to ensure the mechanisms to transform the results of this dialogue into specific actions".

According to the Amsterdam Pact, the Informal Meeting of EU Urban Development Ministers held in May 2016 where the European Union's Urban Agenda was approved, the objectives of the meeting were oriented towards better legislation and a better drafting process European regulations, which would lead to greater coherence between the different policies of the Member Countries to improve knowledge of the urban phenomenon.

Likewise, Ábalos stressed in his speech that "it is important that we work to find a way to facilitate the path to the Partnerships in the implementation of the proposed actions or, otherwise, they will remain on paper."

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