Ábalos ratifies the Government's impulse to infrastructure in Catalonia

Ábalos has valued the actions taken by the Government in this Autonomous Community in this period. Thus, he mentioned the investments of 1,075 million euros; Contract bids for more than 1,750 million euros – 150% more investment tenders than with the previous Government; and contract awards for more than 1,710 million euros – 119% more in investment awards.

Consulted in the Senate for the N-260 mountain road, Ábalos has referred to the numerous planned actions, prioritizing in the short and medium term the improvement of the route and, with it, the increase of road safety.

Performances on the N-260 road

For the N-260 road, the person in charge of the Department has assured that "the priority is to guarantee the safety of the users". Being a high mountain road and of great environmental value, the actions for its improvement entail great technical complexity, so, in this context, it has explained the different actions and works carried out in it:

• The tasks of ordinary conservation and maintenance of the road of the Pyrenean Axis (includes Catalonia and Aragon), with an annual investment of about 9 million euros.

• Road repair works, valued at almost 4 million euros and completed in 2019.

• Slope repair work between Figueres and Besalú, for an additional 4 million euros, which is nearing completion.

• The tasks to repair the last rockfalls, which occurred in January, at the height of El Pont de Bar, valued at 330 thousand euros and are under execution.

In parallel to these actions, Ábalos has reported the reactivation of some projects, such as that of the La Pobla de Segur variant, as well as the study of road safety improvement actions on the crossings of Llançà, Olot, Sant Joan de les Abadesses, Ripoll, Montferrer and Ordis.

Finally, even if this road is not proper, the N-2 capacity increase project in the Figueres variant, in which the Ministry is working, will also be an improvement in the mobility of the N-260.

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