The Minister of Public Works, José Luis Ábalos, in his speech on the World Day of Aids to Maritime Navigation, held in Palma de Mallorca, reiterated that safety, environmental sustainability and innovation are the pillars of the Strategy of Mobility of the Ministry of Development.

This meeting, which aims to show society the importance and service provided by the aids to maritime navigation in terms of safety, also constitutes "a decisive tool in environmental matters for the preservation of the marine environment," he said. the minister.

Ábalos recalled that "we are committed to initiatives that incorporate digitization for smart mobility in all modes of transport."

Aids to maritime navigation, as happens with all transport aids, are linked to the development of technology and, therefore, live immersed in a constant process of evolution.

"We know that maritime navigation will evolve under two new paradigms: E-Navigation and Ports 4.0, in which unmanned vessels will be a new navigation modality," said the minister.

Day of Lighthouses

The day has served to pay tribute to the lighthouses as a maritime signal par excellence and to the Technical Maritime Signals, the body of professionals who continue with the legacy of the lighthouse keepers and fareras. Also to show that, like all the instruments that guarantee safety in transport, maritime aids are also in full technological evolution.

"The traditional lighthouses and the lights of the ports already have advanced reinforcement systems such as satellite navigation, using GPS" said the minister, adding that "the lighthouses continue to be a decisive tool for safe and efficient navigation in the vicinity of the coasts, they treasure an undoubted social value, as well as being a historical-technical legacy ".

In Spain, our system has 4,122 navigation aids, of which 1,916 are managed by the 28 Port Authorities that run our coasts, including the 187 lighthouses.

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