Ábalos, during the speech delivered at the inauguration of Transport Day, explained that the transport sector is the main emitter of greenhouse gases, which in Spain accounts for 27% of emissions.

In this regard, the minister has stated that it will not be possible to achieve the climate objectives to which Spain has committed itself if it is not possible to reduce transport emissions. For this reason, he has stood out in the work that is done from Fomento to promote the reduction of emissions by 32% until 2030.

Mobility Strategy

The head of the Department has detailed that in order to achieve this goal, a Safe, Sustainable and Connected Mobility Strategy has been conceived, which has the global vision that the climate challenge requires.

Subsequently, the minister has gone on to detail the lines of said strategy and the actions that its execution entails.

Among its objectives, Ábalos has highlighted the importance of generalizing the use of sustainable energy sources in all modes of transport. In this sense, he has set the example of Aena's photovoltaic plan, the purchase of 100% green energy or the railways as part of this commitment.

In addition, the minister has affirmed that the use of low-emission means of transport will be stimulated and has indicated that both the liberalization of the railway sector and the modal transfer, or the use of ecological vehicles for services at airports, stations and for Road maintenance is the first effective steps of this strategy.

Within this strategy, Ábalos has added that measures are being taken to increase the energy efficiency of the transport sector as a whole, such as the smart rail energy network, the renovation of rolling stock, the new environmental requirements for buses, or LED lighting on roads, stations and airports.

Finally, the minister stressed that the promotion of the digital transformation of transport is considered key from Fomento to better adjust supply and demand, to take better advantage of each medium and thus reduce pollution.

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