This measure will benefit the more than 10 million users that circulate annually by this route, in addition to the potential users who will choose this alternative for their displacements, as stated by the minister in his intervention in the Toll Conservation Area of ​​Las Cabezas In sevilla.

Ábalos has indicated that this Government marks a milestone becoming the first Government in the history of Spain that lifts tolls when the concession term is met.

End of the toll on the AP-4

Tomorrow, December 31, the concession term of the AP-4 Seville-Cádiz highway, 93 kilometers long, ends. The concession for the construction, conservation and operation of the AP-4 motorway was awarded in 1969. After successive extensions, and after 50 years of the concession's life, users will no longer be obliged to pay a toll for the use of it.

This highway reverts on January 1 to the General State Administration, and goes from that day to be free of tolls, that is, free for users. In addition, from that moment its management and conservation is the responsibility of the Ministry of Development via budget, without charging a user toll for its use.

The Government's commitment is that concessions whose term ends in this term will not be extended or re-tendered. Infrastructure management will correspond directly to the General State Administration and not to private concessionaires.

On November 12, 2019, a service contract has been tendered to carry out the conservation and operation of this highway with a budget of 10.83 million euros (€ 5.4 million per year). During this transitory situation, until the contract is awarded, the Ministry of Development has planned the execution of the conservation and exploitation operations, dismantling of the toll facilities and demolition of the toll roads of the highway, which will be carried out in a progressive way.

Additionally, the conservation and exploitation of the 3 existing service areas between Seville and Cádiz in the AP-4 has also been tendered through a service concession contract divided into 3 lots.

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