Ábalos: "We continue to implement the necessary measures to minimize the effects of the fight against COVID-19 in the transport sector and in society"

Among those measures, the minister stressed that the Department has already made more than 3.3 million masks available to the land transport sector, after the new consignment of nearly 2 million at the Post offices available since yesterday, continues with distance measurements at railway stations and, to facilitate the work of carriers, the Mitma website already has information regarding workshops that service industrial vehicles. Information that is added to that already included such as: restaurants, accommodation, rest areas and service stations.

In addition, the minister has announced that "today we have also issued an Order by which we make more flexible and eliminate some of the requirements to make possible the air transport of medical equipment, the provision of fire fighting services, sea rescue, repatriation aircraft , humanitarian aid, or other flights considered essential. "

Ábalos, in parallel, recalled the economic and social measures approved yesterday in the Council of Ministers, such as:

In support of the most vulnerable families, an expenditure ceiling has been set for rental loans, without interest, with the backing of the State, and located at a limit of 1,200 million euros.

In support of many citizens of Lorca, who after the 2011 earthquake were unable to carry out the reconstruction works, a new moratorium has been sought.

And a reduction in port fees has been established, which will save companies more than € 100 million.

De-escalation and unity between administrations

Ábalos has stressed that the Ministry is already working on the future de-escalation, which will require unity between administrations. For this reason, he reported that today there has been a technical meeting with representatives of the Autonomous Communities to coordinate proposals.

The minister has affirmed that "in a decentralized State like ours, and in the face of a pandemic whose ravages will have different consequences on different territorial realities, it is only logical that the CCAA and the City Councils, which are the closest administrations to citizens, have active participation in the difficult path of reconstruction ".

Lastly, Ábalos has requested to practice a "pedagogy of purpose and effectiveness", because "the awareness that we are going in the right direction is what will rearm us in the face of a de-escalation that will not be easy and will be subject to revision constant". In this sense, the minister has concluded that "the first thing is people's health, contain the pandemic, corner the virus and, in parallel, prepare the reconstruction of the country."

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