«We will not agree with the PSOE in any way. If it depends on us, the PSOE will go to opposition, ”says Santiago Abascal, who announces that VOX wants to“ create a great patriotic and national alternative ”

The president of VOX, Santiago Abascal, has put the finishing touch to the electoral campaign of the general elections next November 10 with an act in the Madrid Plaza de Colón in which he has been accompanied by the president of VOX Madrid and regional deputy, Rocío Monasterio, the spokesperson for the VOX Parliamentary Group, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros and the secretary general of VOX, Javier Ortega Smith.

During his speech, Abascal has ironic with the latest statements of the Popular Party: «They tell us that voting for VOX is voting for VOX. We already know, now. And they tell us that voting for the PP is throwing Pedro Sánchez ». But, Santiago Abascal recalled, it is the same thing they said to throw Rodriguez Zapatero: «They said that voting for the PP was to throw Zapatero, but Rajoy arrived and all the policies of the left remained».

And in the face of those leftist policies that have sown hatred and division with the Historical Memory Law at the head, VOX proposes concord and unity: “In this context of national division and confrontation caused by the parties, VOX has a patriotic responsibility ». "In the face of old hatreds, we only have one word: national concord."

After addressing the current situation in Catalonia, the social emergency and the problems that the left has brought, the president of VOX and candidate for president of the Government has asked for the vote of all Spaniards. «Also to those who have always voted to the left. They also fit in the VOX project ». We know -said Santiago Abascal- that they had a concern to live in a united nation, defense equality and protection of the weakest, that is just everything that the left and the socialist party have abandoned.

"We want to create a great national and patriotic alternative," said Santiago Abascal, who recalled that VOX has not arrived just to have influence and to open new debates. «Spain is a great country and deserves all our ambition. That's why in VOX we say that we have no place for small dreams. That is why we say that it is not enough for us to have 24 deputies and exert an influence. We have a duty, this November 10, to go out to win the elections. And if we don't succeed, try it in four years; and if not, within eight, but we will never stop trying, because Spain deserves our ambition.

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