The president of VOX and national deputy Santiago Abascal has appeared this afternoon to send a message about the position of his party regarding the formation of future governments: "Spain today is not the same as Spain before," he recalled at first place Abascal, who explained that with VOX in the institutions there is a representation associated with a new political discourse and that, therefore, the people who have voted for VOX have a voice.

"Perplexed" before the demonstrations of some political leaders, Santiago Abascal wanted to convey that "VOX voters have a peculiarity: they have not voted for PP or Citizens". "They have voted -remember- VOX". And it adds, in addition, another "peculiarity: They have voted to VOX in an environment of systematic demonization, of violence, of harassment, of culpabilización by the vote to VOX, with the blackmail of the useful vote". In this sense, and after recalling the difficulties that many citizens have gone through to vote for their training -papel that did not reach the houses, unused cabins … – has underlined the courage and the conscious vote of those who have deposited the VOX ballot in the urns: "They do not admit blackmail like those that we want to submit." "The voters of VOX", added Santiago Abascal, "want representation, voice and respect".

A sustained respect, in addition, in the fact that VOX is "essential and necessary" for there to be an alternative to the left. "It was in Andalusia and, in Madrid City Council, only the emergence of VOX allows an alternative. We are necessary. " "Without VOX there is no alternative to the left," the party's president summarized, who was surprised that Popular Party leaders, such as Alberto Núñez Feijóo, "boast of the fact that VOX is not in Galicia." "They need to make a reflection: that, not being VOX, there is no alternative."

That is why Santiago Abascal, who convened the National Executive Committee of the party on Thursday to assess the strategy to be followed in the face of government formations, explained that "it will not be difficult to dialogue with VOX". "But it will be impossible for VOX to support governments that have not wanted to sit down with us." "In terms of the strength that Spaniards have given us, which is less than that of Citizens and Popular Party, VOX has to be represented in that dialogue," he added. "We will offer flexibility and respect, but if there is no dialogue it will be impossible for there to be political alternatives on the left."

Bluntly, the president of VOX has reminded that nobody can ignore the voters of his party or pretend to submit to "a tragala" according to which the party and its voters are obliged to vote what is put on the table. "We are not afraid at the beginning, to return to the bank of Seville."

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