About 5 tons of hashish seized from a criminal organization solidly established in Spain, Morocco and Italy

8 people have been arrested and more than € 200,000 in cash, jewelry and abundant electronic and computer material of interest for the investigation have been seized

Its members introduced the drug from Morocco through "narcolanchas" and fishing boats, distributing it for storage in the provinces of Malaga, Cádiz and Almería, from where they distributed throughout several European countries.

Among the detainees is a Spanish citizen of Moroccan origin considered one of the most prominent drug traffickers operating between Morocco and the Andalusian coasts and another Italian wanted by the authorities of that country for his membership of the Camorra Napolitana

The Civil Guard, in which operation BUSYCON has been called, has detained 8 people as members of one of the most important and active criminal organizations dedicated to the introduction of large quantities of narcotic substances in our country, intervening about 5,000 kilos of hashish.

As a result of the intelligence obtained in the usual channels for obtaining and preparing information, as well as police collaboration, agents of the Team Against Organized Crime of the Central Operative Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard based in Malaga, learned about it in the middle last year, the existence of a criminal organization dedicated to the transport of large quantities of hashish from Morocco to our country and later distributed to different European countries.

Thus initiated the investigation, the agents focus it on a series of people of different nationalities; Spanish, Moroccan and Italian, which
They could be initiating the necessary contacts to purchase a large consignment of narcotic drugs and introduce it into Spain by sea.
In the same way, the investigators were able to find out how this criminal group could have introduced the aforementioned cache on the Andalusian coast in recent days, being imminently delivered to another part of the organization for distribution.

Actions in the provinces of Cádiz, Almería and Málaga

This part of the group being subjected to a close and discreet surveillance, last Sunday morning the exchange of the narcotic substance was intercepted in the Cadiz town of Conil de la Frontera, where several people related to these facts.
These arrests quickly transferred the actions of the agents to the provinces of Malaga and Almería, carrying out several house searches in the Malaga towns of Marbella and Estepona, where more arrests were made and more than € 200,000 in cash, jewelry, vehicles were intervened. and abundant computer and technological material of interest for research.

Two major arrests

Finally, and not ruling out new arrests, 8 people have been brought to justice for these events, and unconditional imprisonment has been decreed for 6 of them, the rest being a minor.
Although most of the detainees have prior records for events related to drug trafficking, the arrests of the Spanish citizen of Moroccan origin MLM stand out, considered by the agents as one of the most active drug traffickers on the Andalusian coast, who, always from a Very discreet profile, he has controlled and organized the introduction into our country of large consignments of hashish, 32 narcolanchas having intervened in a previous proceeding. Also noteworthy is the arrest of P.V, a citizen of Italian nationality wanted by the authorities of that country for his membership of the Camorra Napolitana, with several pending legal cases in that country mainly for drug trafficking and "mafia-type association."
The investigation has been coordinated by the Delegate Anti-Drug Prosecutor and the Investigating Court no. SEIS, both from Almería and carried out by the Málaga-based UCO's Team Against Organized Crime (ECO Málaga). In the different actions carried out, and due to their complexity and dangerousness, agents of the Special Intervention Unit (UEI), Rapid Action Group (GAR), as well as other units of the La Comandancias have also participated. Civil Guard of Cádiz, Málaga and Almería.


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