Seville, May 23, 2020. The historic demonstration called by VOX this Saturday May 23 in Seville, where it could be described as absolute success more than 21,500 people have participated in a call that has launched Sevillians into the streets, with 12,600 four-wheelers and 2,000 motorcycles at the final step of the demonstration, accounted for by the VOX Seville organization.

VOX wants to thank all its affiliates, sympathizers and Sevillians in general, their civility and high-mindedness When it comes to expressing in the street our resounding rejection of the management of the incompetent government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias, responsible for the more than 40,000 compatriots who have left their lives so far in the serious crisis of the Covid-19, the million Spaniards who have been left without their job and the almost 900,000 workers who have not yet received their ERTE for the negligence of this Government. The vice president of VOX and National Deputy for Seville has had an emotional memory towards all of them, Reyes Romero, at the end of this historic Caravan for Freedom.

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