VOX Zaragoza asks about accessibility, integrated terraces and income from public transport. The VOX councilor in the Zaragoza City Council, Carmen Rouco, will take 4 questions to the next Public Services and Mobility commission on November 18.

1.- In 2010, 85 accessible containers were installed, with the collaboration of the DFA Foundation. However, since that year their locations have not been updated on the municipal website.

How many accessible containers does the city of Zaragoza have in November 2020? Where they are located? Is your location going to be published on the municipal website?

2.- The loss of income from public transport due to the coronavirus pandemic is evidence. A circumstance to which is added the lack of aid from the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Spain.

How will the drop in income due to the low level of occupancy and the lack of funds from the State to cover this item affect public transport in Zaragoza? Could you quantify the losses, both in travelers and in revenue?

3.- Precisely, one option to alleviate the effects of the loss of income from public transport is to intensify advertising on the canopies. Therefore, Carmen Rouco asks:

How much money is the Zaragoza City Council receiving from advertising the city's marquees? Can the counselor facilitate the revenue made by JC Decaux and Clear Channel?

4.- Integrated terraces can be found in locations such as Canfranc Street, Plaza del Carmen or the upper part of Paseo Sagasta; but not in the Historic Center of Zaragoza due to municipal technical criteria. In other words, it is a question of political will. VOX Zaragoza understands that the Zaragoza City Council must put all the facilities within its reach towards the hospitality sector. Therefore, Carmen Rouco asks:

Has the counselor considered the possibility of authorizing the installation of integrated terraces in hotel establishments located in the whole of the Historic Center of Zaragoza?

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