• The number of employed persons stands at 19,471,100, with an interannual increase of 3.2%, the highest rate of the last three years
  • Unemployment decreased by almost 442,000 people, -11.6% year-on-year, and the active population increased by 155,100 people in the last year. The unemployment rate is reduced by 2 points to 14.7%
  • There are 12,124,000 employees with an indefinite contract, a record number for the entire historical series
  • The number of households with all their assets unemployed decreases by 152,500 and increases by 357,500 by households with all their assets occupied

According to data from the Labor Force Survey (EPA) published today by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), employment increased by 596,900 people in the last year, the highest figure since 2007. The number of employed is 19,471 .100, with an interannual increase of 3.2% in the first quarter of 2019, the highest rate in the last three years and the second highest since the crisis began.

It should be noted the increase in female employment, which increases 3.3% year-on-year, to reach 8,872,000 people, the highest figure in the entire historical series in a first quarter.

The creation of employment in the last year has been concentrated mainly in the private sector, with 489,100 more employed, and in permanent hiring, with 455,100 more jobs. Likewise, employment has been created in all sectors, mainly in Services, with 429,400 more employed, followed by Construction, with 129,500, Industry with 32,100 and Agriculture, with 5,900.

The increase in occupation has also been generalized in all the Autonomous Communities. Emphasizes the positive evolution of Andalusia, with 138,500 more employed, Catalonia, with 87,700 and the Community of Madrid with 83,100.

Record of employees with indefinite contract

In the first quarter of 2019 there were 12,124,000 employees with an indefinite contract, a record number for the entire historical series. More than 80% of new salaried employment is undefined (455,100 employed).

In the last twelve months, full-time employment has increased by 510,500 and part-time employment by 86,400.

The unemployment rate is reduced two points in the last year

Unemployment was reduced by 441,900 people in the last twelve months, -11.6% year-on-year, standing at 3,354,200 people. This is the lowest number of people in unemployment in a first quarter of the year since 2008. With this reduction the unemployment rate drops two points in the last year and stands at 14.7%.

This decrease occurs in a context of an increase in the active population for the fourth consecutive quarter, with an interannual increase of 155,000 people.

The number of households with all assets unemployed has been reduced in the last year by 152,500, while those with all their members employed have increased by 357,500.

Quarterly evolution

The data for the first quarter reflect the seasonality of the labor market in Spain and the "calendar" effect when Easter fell in April. Employment fell by 93,400 people compared to the last quarter of 2018, with an increase in undefined employment of 89,900 people and a decrease in temporary employment of 185,800 people. With seasonally adjusted series, employment increased 0.76% quarter-on-quarter.

Regarding unemployment figures, affected in the first quarter by seasonality and the evolution of the active population, the number of unemployed rose by 49,900 people compared to the fourth quarter of 2018. However, in seasonally adjusted terms, unemployment reduced -2.9%. In this period, unemployment has declined among those over 55 (-4,600 people), among the long-term unemployed (-22,800) and among people seeking their first job (-8,800).

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