Active work in Melilla the Comprehensive Employment Plan 2019-2020 with an investment of 41.8 million euros

The Minister of Labor, Migration and Social Security acting, Magdalena Valerio, has presented in Melilla, along with the delegate of the Government of the Autonomous City, Sabrina Moh Abdelkader, the Comprehensive Employment Plan 2019-2020 which aims to improve employability and the labor insertion of the people in situation of unemployment of this Autonomous City.

This Comprehensive Employment Plan, multi-year, will have a total of 41,795,118 euros, of which 20,897,559 correspond to the investment in 2019 and an analogous amount for 2020 (forecast in case of budget extension).

The implementation of this Comprehensive Employment Plan, which will be developed by the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security, within the framework of its competences, through the Public State Employment Service (SEPE) and in coordination with the Government Delegation and of the Government of the Autonomous City, aims to respond to the labor and social situation of Melilla.

"Unemployment in Melilla requires immediate and very individual attention, and we have to take measures to improve this situation, which affects especially those under 25 years of age and women," the minister said in statements to the media during his visit to the Autonomous City, where he was accompanied by the general director of SEPE, Gerardo Gutiérrez, and the general secretary of Migrations, Agustín Torres.

Melilla currently has an unemployment rate of 25.92%, well above the average for Spain (14.7%), with a marked increase in female unemployment, 30.01% compared to 16.74% of the average national. Youth unemployment, under 25 years, reaches 55.15% in this Autonomous City, almost twice the national average (34.97%).
Training and guidance

"The Government, still in office, will not leave all these people abandoned," said Valerio, who also wanted to highlight the commitment to training and individualized attention through the figure of the counselor. The minister recalled that the selection of six people is already underway for the offices of the SEPE, which will develop personalized itineraries of employment. "It is important to have a good diagnosis made of the Melilla job market and prepare for the new forms of work that come."

The activities to be carried out will be carried out within the framework of the Common Service Portfolio of the National Employment System and in accordance with the provisions of the Young Employment Shock Plan and the REINCORPORA-T Plan, both for the 2019-2020 period.

The Plan, which includes individualized actions to improve employability and insertion of unemployed people, has two pillars: 1st. Study and diagnosis of the labor market and the social reality of the Autonomous City, which is being carried out by the Observatory of Occupations, with the support of the Government Delegation, the Provincial Directorate of SEPE and the Autonomous City itself. 2nd. Initial orientation for all the people who will participate in the Plan, complemented with personalized accompaniment throughout the duration of the same.

On this basis, those activities that best adapt to individualized diagnoses will be programmed, such as: information, guidance and counseling, transversal training in new technologies, limogistic competences, coaching techniques, emotional intelligence and motivation techniques for job search ( both on their own account and that of others).

A Joint Commission will be responsible for monitoring, monitoring and controlling the execution of the Plan. This Commission will be integrated by representatives of the SEPE in Melilla, of the Delegation of the Government of Melilla, of the Autonomous City, as well as of the most representative trade union and business organizations in the area of ​​the Autonomous City.

The acting minister took advantage of her stay in Melilla to visit the offices of the Public Employment Service, where she thanked the workers of the SEPE and the Provincial Directorate for their daily work.

Valerio has also referred in statements to the media to his visit to the Center for Temporary Stay of Immigrants (CETI), facilities that he has set as an example of comprehensive care (social, psychological, health). In addition, he thanked the work of the State Security Corps and Forces, which ensure the security of our borders and regular, safe and orderly immigration.

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