Advancement of the month of October at the National Dramatic Center

This month we release Transformation, by Paloma Pedrero and The boy in the last row by Juan Mayorga, directed by Andrés Lima, and Will Keen visits us reciting Poet in New York

A new edition of the International Theater Book Fair, the children's play Bee, the herd and the second installment of the cycle of dramatized readings New Italian Scene complete the month's schedule

Transformation, the work with which Paloma pedrero, author and director of the piece, addresses the transgender theme from a very close experience and with a cast led by trans interpreters, it opens in the Sala de la Princesa of the María Guerrero Theater on October 2. It implies "a great journey towards the knowledge of this reality that ends in the love of these people", according to Pedrero.

Andres Lima, recently recognized in the last edition of the Max Awards in the category of Best Stage Direction, brings us The boy in the last row of Juan Mayorga, which will be exhibited from October 14 to November 8 at the María Guerrero Theater. Produced by Sala Beckett from Barcelona, ​​where it premiered last year, the play arrives in Madrid with a renewed cast, led by Alberto San Juan and Willy Toledo. It is one of the best known texts of the National Theater Award that addresses the link between a student and his literature teacher. "A play about the pleasure of looking at the lives of others and about the risks of confusing what is lived with what is imagined, a play that wants to make the act of imagining theater", according to Mayorga.

The international presence is in charge of the assembly The Things Beyond: Poet's Conference in New York. With direction and dramaturgy by Maria Fernandez Ache, will arrive at the Valle-Inclán Theater between October 2 and 4. British actor Will Keen interprets in English (with Spanish subtitles) Federico García Lorca's lecture on the occasion of his play Poet in New York that he has taken care of translating himself.

At the end of October there is an appointment with the second installment of the cycle «New Italian Scene: Three Readings – Riccione Theater Award», Organized by the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Madrid in collaboration with the Riccione Theater Prize. It is a sample of three texts chosen from among the winners of the prestigious award that recognizes young authors of Italian dramaturgy each year. Selected and directed by Manuela Cherubini, this edition will offer, between October 30 and November 1 in the Sala El Mirlo Blanco of the Valle-Inclán Theater, the dramatized readings of: Eighty-nineby Elvira Frosini and Daniele Timpano; Night On White, by Tatjana Motta; Y For your own good, scored by Pier Lorenzo Pisano when we have the information.

Our cycle dedicated to the family audience Titerescena resumes its activity, and this month brings us Bee the herd, a puppet show co-produced by Hilando Títeres and Tras la Puerta, which tells the story of a girl with dreams of an aviator and her encounter with a sheep that also wanted to fly. Directed by Mariso Garcia Y Mar Gasco Garcia and performed by the latter, the work can be seen in the Sala El Mirlo Blanco on October 24 and 25.

In addition, from October 15 to 18 the Valle-Inclán Theater will host the XXI edition of the International Theater Book Fair, event co-organized by the Association of Authors and Authors of Theater (AAT) with the CDN and where France will be the guest country this year.

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