The regulation requires all employers to register the working hours of all their workers, regardless of category or group, provided that it falls within the scope of Article 1 of the Workers' Statute. Except for labor relations of a special nature (Article 2.1 a of the ET), and with a specific or particular regime. The breach of this rule approved by decree would reach up to € 6,200.

To inform about the implications and sanctions, the Territorial Directorate of Labor Inspection has indicated that the registry must be carried out with a methodology that is as non-manipulable as possible so that fraud does not exist, either by the worker or the company.

According to Javier Cerrolaza "The real record is valid, not the fictitious one in which the worker enters and leaves his work at the same time, since it is assumed that the worker has paid leave or flexible hours. "

By law, the employer can dispose of 10% of the worker's working day, as long as there is a notice given to the employee five days before their incorporation. Similarly, the worker can meet a maximum of up to 80 extra hours per year, which can be compensated at most 4 months after completion, or paid in the same month.

Javier Cerrolaza, has addressed the companies of the Corredor del Henares that have hired employees in special schemes, to clarify that today "it is necessary to define what we should call workday in all possible special or common labor regimes. . To do this, it is necessary to review article 34 of the Workers' Statute.

In this act have intervened the Chief Territorial Director of Provincial Inspection of Labor and Social Security of Madrid, Javier Cerrolaza Aragón, the vice president of the Association of Businessmen of the Henares and president of the Commission of Labor Affairs and Employment AEDHE, Laly Escudero Osorio, together with the team of advisors of the Legal Area of ​​the association.

After the success of the previous business meeting with the team of advisers of the Legal Area of ​​the Association of Businessmen of Henares, at the headquarters of AEDHE Coslada, where it was reported on the application of the norm approved by decree on March 8, 2019 to the companies of the Corridor, AEDHE has returned to summon to the employers of the zone, but this time with the Direction of Inspection of Work.

The companies that have not been able to move to the headquarters of Alcalá de Henares of AEDHE have witnessed the live declarations of the Direction of Inspection of Territorial Work through social networks.

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