Agatha Christie was a woman of impolute appearance. This September 15, he would turn 129. On the forms, always kept the hair immaculate. And it seemed that kind of ladies who would never break a plate, with a bag in hand and patent leather shoes. And heels, of course. Although obviously we talk about the facade. Its pearl necklaces hid an expert in poisons, carved in the infirmary by war and with chapters of a certain psychic disorder, often touching depression. He did not know how to monopolize the success, so he came to publish under the pseudonym of Mary Westmacott. Thus he would give free rein to his most emotional part, leaving aside the supposed logic of the detective novel (with which he had cultivated fame).

«The best crimes for my novels have occurred to me washing dishes. Scrubbing the dishes makes anyone a homicidal category maniac. »

He was born at the end of the 19th century, in a family that would be marked very early by the death of the father. With three children, his mother was responsible for raising them, offering them education at home and later in private institutions. The matriarch also showed them her psychic abilities: all the fratria believed that she had extrasensory abilities towards the paranormal. That introduced, in some way, little Agatha into esotericism. She never participated in acts towards this type of belief, but would introduce certain aspects in her novels. It must be said, his most entrenched faith was Christian.

Agatha Christie had her secrets. In 1926 he disappeared for 11 days. Her husband, Archibald Christie, had just confessed that she had a lover. After a long discussion, the writer fled the house they shared. His course then is still unknown. Police followed the trail of his car, which Agatha abandoned next to a lake near Guildford. With him, also some clothes and his driving license. After mobilizing security forces and more than 15,000 volunteers, they found her in a hotel. It was hosted under the surname of Teresa Neele, the same last name as Archibald's mistress. In addition, she presented a picture of amnesia, so she did not recognize her husband as soon as she saw him. Nor did he remember the previous 11 days.

“I learned that you cannot turn back, that the essence of life is to move forward. Life, in reality, is a one-way street ”

She was a police novel writer, mainly. Or at least he became famous for it. Although he also wrote short stories, theater and romance novel (under pseudonym). He was also a regular at poetry, although works published in this genre are not known. His work has a certain staging, so it has been easy to adapt it to the big screen.

Agatha Christie in cinema, theater and short story_orient_expressAn example is Kenneth Branagh's movie, Murder in the Orient Express, latest film adaptation of Agatha Christie's homonymous novel. Different protagonists, inside a train that crosses Europe, are caught in a snowstorm. When a murder occurs, everyone is suspicious. Hercules Poirot, the detective created by Christie whom he turned to in many of his novels, will be aboard one of the wagons. He will be in charge of solving the case. With this we will not reveal many secrets to anyone, after all it is one of the author's best known novels.

Following the scene, and to give more examples, we find The Mousetrap. A play, written by Agatha Christie, which claims to be the one that has been on the billboard for the longest. He already takes over thirty years in the London theaters of the West End. Police character, the author again isolates the protagonists in a space, at the same time that a murder occurs.

Agatha Christie in the cinema, theater and short story_cianuro_espumosoAnd not only that, his works are not reissued. The last example will be a new publication, in October, of Sparkling cyanide. In this novel, Agatha Christie brings together six characters sitting around a table. There is an extra chair, where a bouquet sits in memory of Rosemary Burton, who died exactly one year before. A meddling Colonel Race will be in charge of investigating the crime. Or suicide. What exactly was it?

In addition, the author's life is explained in Good night tales for rebel girls 2. A book that brings together the lives of illustrious women. Inspiring With blunt stories and different illustrations. The queen of the crime could not miss.

Agatha Christie died in 1976, at age 85, from natural causes. It is suspected that he could have suffered from Alzheimer's disease, although it has never been proven. The family, or rather her only daughter Rosalind, separated her from public life in her last years of life. She retired little by little. Being careful and going unnoticed, without betraying its principles.

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