This expansion affects the productions and areas that, according to the requests made by the representatives of the sector, are necessary, such as the production of grapes for winemaking, cherry, fodder crops, industrial textile and non-textile crops, and table grapes.

In addition, the period for making changes to the insurance statements is extended for the same period.

It should be noted that, in general, the procurement of agricultural insurance is proceeding normally, since it is carried out electronically, almost entirely, by the policyholders and distributors of insurance. To this fact it must be added that the royal decree itself by which the state of alarm is declared, expressly contemplates the possibility of traveling to financial and insurance entities. Likewise, there is the possibility that payment is made by direct debit.

However, in view of the exceptional situation the country is going through as a consequence of the health crisis caused by Covid-19, the Ministry has decided to adopt this decision so that no farmer has difficulty in subscribing to agricultural insurance for this cause.

The Combined Agricultural Insurance System is the main tool for risk management in the agricultural sector. It is characterized by its agility and dynamism to adapt to circumstances. For this reason, given the exceptional nature of the current situation, mechanisms have been put in place so that farmers and ranchers can subscribe to their agricultural insurance with greater ease and guarantee.

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