06-09-2019 | Cs

The leader of Cs in the Community of Madrid affirms that the liberal formation 'will make a firm opposition because the policies of Sánchez are counterproductive for the general interest'

"Citizens will demonstrate from Saturday that they are capable of making policy useful and responsible in many municipalities of Spain," said the leader of the liberal training in the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, referring to the day to set the municipal governments. "Next Saturday there will be a before and after in the way of doing politics in many places," he underlined.

Aguado, in statements to the press after participating in the VI Race against Gender Violence, said that "it is less than a week before the change reaches many municipalities" although he has asked for "a little patience because they will be tough negotiations" . However, he has been convinced that agreements will be reached in town halls and autonomous communities.

In this sense. Aguado stressed that the most urgent thing is to close the municipal agreements "so that the municipalities do not fall into the hands of nationalists and, in the case of Madrid, populists", and that there will be more time to reach agreements in the Autonomous Communities "in those that Cs will be demanding in its programmatic part: a moderate or low taxation, bet for an educational revolution and to be the party of the families ".

The leader of Cs in the Community of Madrid has also assured that the liberal formation "will make a firm but loyal opposition to the Spaniards because the policies of Pedro Sánchez are counterproductive to the general interest" and that Ciudadanos will defend "what he understands to be the future and progress for Spain until sooner rather than later comes the change of Government led by Albert Rivera.

Finally, Aguado reiterated the commitment of Cs in the fight "against the scourge of gender violence and that has been defended in Congress, in town halls and autonomous communities," and recalled the requirement of liberal training to apply " the State Pact against Gender Violence in those places where the same pact says that it must be applied ".

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