06-02-2019 | Cs

The candidate of Cs to the Community of Madrid emphasizes that his priority partner for the formation of government is the PP

The candidate of Citizens (Cs) to preside over the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, has assured that "Gabilondo and Errejón will not occupy the Puerta del Sol" because the liberal formation will not admit an autonomic president "who winks at separatism" and who "Street" in front of the approaches of Pedro Sánchez. "It has been demonstrated that Sanchez still wants to agree with Bildu and PNV in Navarre on the fringe of the constitutionalists and that he is still leading the PSOE that agrees with Puigdemont in Badalona or with ERC and the CUP in Reus," he remarked. "Meanwhile, Mr. Gabilondo is one of those who dare not say anything against Sanchez, demonstrating that he is committed to this policy model," he lamented.

In statements to the media, Aguado has insisted that his preferred partner in the negotiations for the formation of the regional executive is the PP, with whom he has announced that he has already held an informal meeting before defining the "strategic lines" for the Community of Madrid.

"I hope we are able to develop a government program with the PP so attractive that the rest of the formations can not vote against", said the Cs candidate, who stressed that it will have to be Vox "who decides if he supports it. or it blocks it and the government gives Gabilondo and Errejón ".

When a week of the electoral appointment of 26-M, Aguado has celebrated that the number of councilors of the liberal formation has arrived at more than 3000 and that Citizens have multiplied until the 180 the number of regional deputies. "Every time the polls open, Ciudadanos grows," he concluded.

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