06-29-2019 | Cs

The leader of Cs in the Community of Madrid criticizes that 'there are political formations that defend the invisibilization of the LGTBI collective and normalize the homophobic aggressions'

"No one has left a closet because of his sexual condition to be locked in another for his ideas". This is how the leader of the liberal formation in the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, defended it, one day after the beginning of the Pride week LGTBI in Madrid.

"In Spain there are still people who dedicate themselves to verbally and physically attacking others because of the way they feel, think or dress, and unfortunately there are also political leaders who defend that there is nothing to do about it, that we must make the collective LGTBI, and naturalize this type of behavior ", lamented Aguado, recalling that" only in the Community of Madrid there were more than 300 cases of homophobic attacks in the last year ".

In this sense, the leader of Cs in Madrid, wanted to send a direct message to "all those who want to push back society and seek to cut civil rights and individual freedoms, ending the gains made by the collective thanks to their struggle ", Reiterating that Ciudadanos is not going to take a step back" because we do not want a black and white country, nor to go back to the 70s just because some understand that their unique thinking has to prevail ".

On the veto of Cs in the manifestation of pride in Barcelona, ​​Aguado has ensured that "it reflects a way of understanding the LGTBI movement in small", stressing that "everything that is to veto people, parties or ideas is a setback".

"Citizens will continue to fight to normalize diversity and to ensure that all those who believe in freedom can attend demonstrations. Spain must be a country of freedoms and not impositions ", concluded Aguado.

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