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The spokesman for Cs in the Community of Madrid points out that "matters as important as the state pacts are being set aside" because of the "dilatory tactics of dizzying the partridge"

"The fight between Sánchez and Iglesias leaves us with a paralyzed government in the face of negative economic forecasts"This was stated by the Secretary of Autonomous Politics of Citizens (Cs) and Vice President of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, during the visit to the Madrid neighborhood of Bellas Vistas with the Vice Mayor of Madrid and Cs Municipal Policy Secretary, Begoña Villacís.

"The problem between Sánchez and Iglesias is not programmatic, they still stick around the chairs in a rather rude way"and even" tenders are planned for an electoral campaign, "said Aguado, while pointing out that" Sanchez has been bogged down for more than four months with the government for a dilatory and obscene tactic of dizzy partridge between them. "

The leader of Cs in the Community of Madrid has warned that "clouds are coming from the economic point of view" and against this "Sánchez and Iglesias continue to make the paripé for the armchairs" leaving aside "important issues such as the pacts of State in Education or on depopulation. " "Sanchez's irresponsibility is being noticed in the real economy of the country"Since" the paralysis of the Government causes us to have more than € 1 billion in financing pending receipt, "Aguado explained.

During this visit to the Bellas Vistas neighborhood after the approval of the installation of security cameras, Begoña Villacís explained that "when we were in opposition, the residents of this area demanded security cameras from us in the face of problems such as theft and squatting," and now that "we are government we will comply" since "we will always protect the neighbors and we will not give equivocal signs in this regard like the previous government team"." The feeling of impunity that criminals have is leading to recidivism and an escalation of thefts "and" we want Madrid to be a safe city, "Villacís has finished.

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