07-26-2020 | Cs

The member of the Executive Committee of Cs considers that the "triple sanitary control that is in force, does not help" and believes that the Executive "should require PCR at the place of origin"

"The Government continues without taking effective measures at the Barajas airport," said the member of the Cs Executive Committee and vice president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, before the media during the events organized by the association Messengers of the Peace to celebrate 'Grandparents' Day'.

"The triple sanitary control that is currently in force does not help," asserted Aguado, who also recalled that "Barajas was the main strainer of the virus back in February." "To think that a written form, a temperature control, that leaves out 40% of the cases that are asymptomatic, and that with the visual inspection you are going to control the virus, is a tease," he said. In this sense, the member of the Executive Committee of the Liberal Party has regretted that the Government continues betting on this mechanism "instead of requiring PCR at the place of origin or instead of looking for alternatives to control cases already at destination." "In the end, Spain ends up in the decision wagon," he added.

During his presence at the event organized by Messengers of Peace, Aguado highlighted the work of the grandparents, "the rest of society we owe you everything we are." "They are men and women who have overcome many crises throughout their lives and who in recent months have suffered the effects of a devastating virus," he stressed. In this sense, Aguado has insisted that "all of them deserve our recognition and gratitude, our love and support."

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