06-07-2019 | Cs

The Cs leader in the Community of Madrid confirms the creation of a specific negotiation table? to talk about programmatic content with PP

"There is a will to reach an agreement that allows the Community of Madrid to continue advancing", this has been assured by the leader of Citizens (Cs) in the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, after participating with the secretary general of the liberal formation, José Manuel Villegas, and the Autonomous Committee of Negotiation of Cs, in a meeting with the negotiating team of the PP in the Community.

Aguado, who has described the meeting as "cordial" and has affirmed to see "the will to reach an agreement" between both parties, has underlined that, above all, "there has been talk about the program and what is of interest to the locals". It has also advanced that both teams have been quoted next week naming a negotiating table to speak "exclusively" of programmatic content.

In the case of Ciudadanos, this table will be integrated by César Zafra, Alberto Reyero and Ana García. "I hope we can make progress in what concerns all the people of Madrid," the leader of the liberal party in the region has specified, "in taxation, in social policies, health, education."

Among the documents exchanged by both teams, Aguado has confirmed that, from Ciudadanos, the Decalogue approved in the National Executive Committee of the Orange Party has been transferred to the PP, ten points to which it has referred as "inalienable principles, the orange lines for negotiate "with other parties.

Finally, Aguado has ventured that "it will be a difficult negotiation", but has also indicated that "there is a sincere will" on both sides, something fundamental "to reach an agreement".

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