Antonio Alarcó durante su intervención.

The health spokesman has stated that "the Executive of Sánchez is trying to inoculate a saving story that does not correspond to reality."

The spokesman for the Health of the Popular Parliamentary Group and senator for Tenerife, Antonio Alarcó, stated today, in the Senate plenary session, that the Government "is trying to inoculate a saving story that does not correspond to reality", and has reproached him that "with their attitude is trying to institutionalize the lie ”.

Thus, Alarcó has assured that "to fight against a pandemic, the first thing that has to be transparency and the truth"; on the contrary, the Government is acting "with uncertainty and lies."

Antonio Alarcó asked, during the interpellation of the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, to give an account of the current situation of the pandemic in our country. “Why haven't you commissioned, as is mandatory, a study from independent experts? What do you think of the work published in the Lancet magazine in which Professor Richard Horton says that "if Spain had ordered the confinement at the end of February, most of the lives would have been saved"? Alarcó asked Illa.


Throughout his speech, Antonio Alarcó has reviewed the terrible management carried out by the Government in this pandemic and has reported, since last January 31, the first case of COVID-19 in Spain was identified, the virus has been detected in more than 780,000 people. “Of them, according to data from the Ministry of Health, more than 31,600 have died; and since the so-called ‘new normal’ was returned, the outbreaks in Spain have placed us at the forefront of Europe in positive cases confirmed by Covid-19 ”, Alarcó has shown.

“Mister Minister, what now, what are we left with?” He asked Illa, after which he reminded her of events such as Antonio Nieto's dismissal from the police position for taking action on January 24; or the notice that the Government ignored, on March 6, from the ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control).

In his review of the Government's actions, Alarcó has also lamented the 'biological bomb' that was caused on March 8, or the National Security notices, which on January 17 alerted the Government up to 11 times that the main problem that existed was the coronavirus.

Alarcó has also denounced the seizure of sanitary material at the national level, the defective consignments of sanitary material or the purchase of this material from unknown companies.

“Mr. Minister, what now?” Alarcó asked again. “With more than 57,000 deaths, with April 2020 as the month with the highest mortality in the history of Spain; or with last March 31, as the day of the most deaths in the history of Spain, with 3,000 ”, said the senator from Tenerife.

At another point in his speech, Antonio Alarcó has also denounced the more than 120 days in which the Transparency Portal was closed, that “there is no scientific report that supports what the Ministry of Health of this Government is doing, the lack of of adequate measures at airports in central train and bus stations, or the absence of an epidemiological map in time and form ”.


In the same way, Antonio Alarcó has considered the attitude of the Executive towards the Community of Madrid as a "persecution", "without any objective data" and with "criteria without scientific support", such as 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants; "Where do these criteria come from?" He asked. The measures taken 'ad hoc' with Madrid have to do with his possible candidacy for the Catalan elections, ”Alarcó asked again.

"Now what, what are we left with, being the first country in the world in deaths per million inhabitants, the first in infected and deceased toilets?" The senator lamented.

Finally, the GPP Health spokesperson has addressed Illa and told her that the charges are not made against people, but the other way around; "And you have created an‘ infodemic ’on the coronavirus and its consequences, with lies, radicalism and inefficiency, forming a deadly cocktail."

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