Antonio Alarcó en el Senado

The Health spokesman of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate and senator for Tenerife, Antonio Alarcó, has stated, in the Senate Health and Consumption Commission, in which the minister, Salvador Illa, has appeared, that “we did not get out of this pandemic stronger, that's immoral; and in fact we are not out of the pandemic and the minister should say it loud and strong. "

"How can it be said that we came out stronger, when the real number of deaths in this crisis has not yet been recognized?" Asked the popular spokesman, Minister Illa.

During Minister Illa's appearance in the Senate Health Commission, Alarcó dedicated his first words in "remembrance for all the deceased" and "recognition for his relatives"; and also, “for health workers and the State and Army Security Forces and Corps, through the UME; in their fight against this pandemic. "

"Appreciate the work being done by the toilets in our country, among which I find myself, on the front line, fighting against the virus," said Antonio Alarcó, who has reproached the minister that "the necessary measures have not been taken to protect them" .

Thus, the popular senator has explained that his party has asked that the Ministry recognize all health workers as a "risky profession", in addition to demanding a "pension award, extra pay and the abolition of inheritance tax for relatives of deceased ”.

Throughout his speech, Antonio Alarcó said that in managing this pandemic "things have not been done well" and "a correct, complete and timely epidemiological map has not been made." Thus, he has asked Illa to carry out massive tests, "something that has not been done", which would give us this complete epidemiological map.

“The better, the better; Whoever rules governs. And the worse, the worse; Whoever rules governs. Now, I have never liked being disqualified or being taken for fools, ”warned the PP senator for Tenerife.

Alarcó has addressed Illa and told him that "it is not possible that, without telling the truth and without transparency, they are credible, and they are not telling the truth." In this way, he has asked the minister to "tell the truth about the actual number of deceased", which is according to the INE or the data from the funeral homes, almost double what the government is acknowledging. “They still do not tell us the actual number of deceased; They are inoculating this message and I don't know very well why ", he added.

Similarly, Antonio Alarcó has reminded him that "March 31 was the day with the most deaths in the history of Spain, and that the month of April recorded the highest mortality" in our country. "


In addition, the popular spokesman has reproached the minister for taking more than six months "without appearing" by the Senate Health Commission: "You have pending more than 700 questions, several motions, several bills and 10 requests to appear. You have come to the Senate late and badly. " Thus, he noted that on January 17 the PP requested the appearance of Illa in this Chamber, the Chamber of territorial representation.

Alarcó has also reminded the minister, that according to the latest CIS survey, the main problem for Spaniards is not the coronavirus or the economic crisis, it is the politicians; and "attitudes like those of the Government in managing this crisis are the causes of this issue and that hurts me deeply," he said.

"Controlling and criticizing is not obstructing and this Government has eliminated the option of controlling us with the suppression of the Transparency Portal," Alarcó reproached the Minister of Health.

In this way, Alarcó has also revealed that "it is evident that this Government has official news of what the coronavirus was in the month of December 2019, about its traceability and its genome." On January 24, the director of Public Health of the Police asked that there be more means for the police to face this virus, the PP senator has also pointed out.

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