Alberto Gragera, coordinator of VOX Linares, regrets the closure of the Zara point of sale in the town and, in this sense, expresses “the solidarity of VOX Linares with the workers who cannot benefit from
to the agreements that the company offers and they are unemployed, as well as with their families ”.
In addition to the crisis caused by Covid-19, the Inditex group is immersed in its 2020-2022 strategy of restructuring and reorganizing the company, which is committed to integrating face-to-face and online sales. In practice, this implies the closure of between 250 and 300 stores in Spain (17%) and between 1,000 and 1,200 in the world (14%).
The closure affects small stores, which cannot cover the channel on-line and those that have a value below 260,000 euros.
Alberto Gragera has expressed his concern for the workers, because, although agreements have been reached between the unions and the company, "when a company closes, jobs and wages are affected sooner rather than later." Gragera has also pointed out what the disappearance of another business means for the city. “The situation is very serious: Linares is slowly dying. It is devastating to walk the streets of Linar because, unfortunately, every day there are more places closed ”.
Finally, Alberto Gragera has urged the local, regional and national administrations to urgently reactivate the economy in Linares and to implement all those plans necessary for the development and maintenance of jobs in the Linares municipality. For this reason, he recalled that it is essential that the funds from the Integrated Territorial Investment arrive "as soon as possible" and that reindustrialization plans are put in place in the area, allowing a socio-economic development of Linares and its region through a solid and stable productive fabric that generates quality employment. “Linares cannot wait any longer. There are many years of unfulfilled promises with this land and VOX is not going to be an accessory to the death of this city, ”Gragera sentence.

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