Alberto Herrero Bono pregunta a la ministra de Industria, Comercio y Turismo en la sesión de control

The GPP deputy replies to Reyes Maroto that "if we review the policies it raises, the tourism sector in Spain dies"

He warns Reyes Maroto that "the capital's irresponsible and incompetent government has generated mistrust in our tourist destinations"

Urges the minister not to lie to the Spanish anymore and to follow in the wake of Iglesias in Galicia: "Leave and close the door when you leave"

He points out that the recent dismissal of the Secretary of State for Tourism by the scandal of the strainer of false identifications of anti-COVID certificates is "the latest example of the incapacity" of Minister Reyes Maroto

Review "the long list of government nonsense" with the tourism sector, whose "unforeseen errors and mistakes" will translate into a loss of between 60,000 and 80,000 million: "The unilateral quarantine in May, which diverted vacation plans to other destinations; the statements of Minister Garzón describing the tourism sector as low added value; the non-existent preventive measures at the border; not to mention the ridiculous tourism plan that is late, bad and never "

He reproaches the Government that while in France 18,000 million were allocated to incentivize the tourism sector, the Sánchez Executive "is dispatched" with an aid Plan of just over 4,000 million, of which 3,362 million are lines of ICO guarantees

He remarks that Exceltur "has been denouncing that, at least, a total of 35,000 million should be allocated to the tourism sector, 25% of the Reconstruction Plans, in line with the recommendation of the EU"

Calls on the Government to "stop doing more damage to the sector" and attend to the PP's proposal to extend and make the ERTEs more flexible until the end of the year, otherwise "thousands of closings and layoffs will occur"

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