The VOX deputy for Jaén, Francisco Jose Alcaraz, has addressed a question to the Government focused on the lack of health security that is suffered in the province, where it is common to find multitudes of immigrants who do not keep a safe distance or wear masks.

In many other localities in the province of Jaén there are episodes of lack of sanitary security, as there are not enough accommodation in shelters for the immigrants who arrived for the olive harvesting campaign. This leads to many of them sleeping on the street, at cashiers, etc.

The deputy also recalls that on November 15 there were altercations in Villanueva del Arzobispo with clashes between temporary immigrants and olive growers, which ended with the burning of one of the flats owned by the hiring olive grower.

Therefore, it has asked the Government: «What measures does the Government have planned to alleviate this situation of health insecurity due to the collapse of immigrants that is taking place in the province of Jaén?«

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