"With the concept of Spain as a nation of nations, Iceta not only confuses but also breaks one of the principles of the Constitution"

The president of the PPC, Alejandro Fernández, has expressed concern about Miquel Iceta's speech, “his insistence on the concept of Spain as a nation of nations, not only leads to confusion but also breaks one of the fundamental principles of the Constitution that It is the national sovereignty of all Spaniards. ”

In this regard, he explained that the constituents decided to use different words, nation and nationalities, "precisely to avoid this confusion that could lead some to claim the right to self-determination."

In statements to the media along with the National Deputy Secretary of Participation, Jaime de Olano, Alejandro Fernández has said that it is "unacceptable" that Iceta lends itself to this game related to the investiture. "

On the other hand, the president of the PPC has also been concerned about Iceta's insistence on the idea that the State does not put any conditions on the autonomous communities, in this case Catalonia, in its policies.

"One of the functions that the Government of Spain has precisely is to coordinate the set of autonomous communities and guarantee constitutionality through state institutions."

Finally, Alejandro Fernández has added that "it is of extraordinary gravity that the Socialist Party breaks the constitutional consensus to try to close the investiture."

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