Alfredo Sanzol, new director of the National Dramatic Center

The renowned author and theater director will take office on January 1, 2020

The general director of the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), Amaya de Miguel, announced Friday the appointment of Alfredo Sanzol as the new director of the National Dramatic Center (CDN). He will be added to the position as of January 1, 2020, for a period of five years.

The appointment of Alfredo Sanzol has been made after a selection process that has met the principles of equality, merit and ability, after submitting all the projects submitted to the evaluation of the Artistic Board of the Theater, in accordance with the provisions of the Royal Decree 497/2010, of April 30, which regulates the participation and advisory bodies of INAEM, and the Statute of the CDN.

Art project

The project presented by Alfredo Sanzol highlights as a central pillar the commitment to contemporary dramaturgy, providing it with the necessary infrastructure, time and budget to become a national and international reference. A dramaturgy that reflects the plurality of voices that represent today's society.

Attracting and connecting with the public is another of the fundamental axes, defends the need to generate empathy and an emotional bond with citizens through innovative communication and strategic lines of social environment that create greater proximity with new audiences.

The generational renewal and the presence of young people in the center is also of great importance to achieve a transformation and renewal of the artistic proposals and for the transmission of knowledge of the creators with greater experience. The project is declared feminist, wants to enhance the dramaturgy made by women and projects led by women in an environment of equality and collaboration between genders.

The project rests on the need to reinforce an efficient, transparent and responsible management of resources.

The main objective of its guidelines is to direct part of the budget to theater writing in any of its forms, opening a space for exchange and working in a more transversal way with a permeable direction that feeds back from the creators who pass through the CDN. Open the theater not only to the exhibition, but also to promote meetings and participatory projects between creators and the public.

Sanzol aspires to a theater that is a national and international reference based on cultural and social diversity. To this end, the importance of promoting the tours of CDN shows in the different Autonomous Communities, as well as programming in all the State's languages, through co-productions with other public institutions and with private companies.

To also achieve a greater international projection through co-production with the theaters of other countries, as well as participate in the different European networks and be an active member of international collaborative projects.

Within this openness to diversity, defends having companies that work with the difference and disability, from normality and inclusion, betting on the artistic excellence of this type of shows and professionals.

Career path

Alfredo Sanzol (Madrid-Pamplona 1972) is an author and theater director, graduated in Law from the University of Navarra and in Direction of Scene by the RESAD, his work is characterized by the use of sense of humor, the search for a formal style own with which to pose the problems of his personal and social biography and commitment to the investigation of new dramatic structures. With a deep knowledge of the theatrical trade, throughout his career he has combined the direction of his own texts with that of the classics that he himself adapts.

The direction of the CDN, from January 2020, represents a new step in a trajectory that began 20 years ago with Like the Greeks, by Steven Berkoff, and in which titles like Yes, but I'm not, On the moon, Great days, The magical calm, The tenderness Y Courage, among others. He has directed theatrical productions for public centers such as the CDN and the CNTC: Bohemian lights (2019), The silly lady (2018), The magical calm (2014), Waiting for Godot (2013) and The Lavapiés barber, currently at the Teatro de la Zarzuela.

Sanzol was distinguished in 2017 with the National Prize for Dramatic Literature for his work La respiración. In 2018 he won the XII Valle-Inclán Theater Award for The tenderness and in 2016 he received the Theater Prize of the Community of Madrid. He has also received the Max Performing Arts Award five times. In 2011 in the category of Best Theater Author in Catalan or Valencian by Delicades, and in 2012 and 2013 in the category of Best Theater Author in Spanish for Super dayss and by On the moon, respectively. For this last work he also won the Ceres Prize for Best Theatrical Author in 2012.

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