Algeciras, December 6, 2020. – More than a hundred people from Algeciras have taken to the streets this Sunday to accompany VOX Algeciras in the act called, before the Town Hall, in defense of constitutional legality on the occasion of the commemoration of Constitution Day.

The event was chaired by the President of VOX in the province of Cádiz, José Ortells, who has highlighted that “once again we have shown that we defend the Constitution and we will defend it in the future, since it is our norm to act in the political life of our country”.

For his part, the councilor and spokesman for the Municipal VOX Group in the Algeciras Town Hall, Antonio Gallardo, has declared that “the Magna Carta is the fundamental and basic element for the coexistence of the Spanish and that, at this time, it is being threatened by a social communist government that makes pacts with separatists and terrorists. Before this we rise as a party, always in a peaceful way, and we go out to the streets to claim that we are not going to consent to it. "

Celia Fuentes, VOX Los Barrios coordinator, Antonio Gallardo, spokesperson for the VOX Algeciras Municipal Group, José Ortells, president of VOX in the province of Cádiz and Eva Poza, VOX Algeciras coordinator.

Gallardo was in charge of reading the commemorative manifesto of the Constitution Day in which he has emphasized the risk that currently runs the principles of unity, coexistence and prosperity in Spain. “Today all these pillars are threatened by a traitorous government that, supported by separatists and terrorists, intends to end our constitutional system to replace it with a new regime. A new regime that wants to oppress the Spanish through totalitarian laws that threaten the deep freedoms of man and that seek to lead our children to be educated according to the unique thought of the radical left.

After the manifesto, several affiliates and supporters have read a dozen articles of the Magna Carta, among which the principle of equality, defense of private property or the right to work among others.

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