• The GPP deputy recalls that after certifying the first death from Coronavirus in a residence on March 3, the first measure adopted by the Government was the Protocol of March 5 that literally urges the residences to “continue for the Coronavirus strictly the same protocols as to prevent influenza "

• To the second vice president: "Why did you keep a protocol out of date for our seniors in residences for 16 days?"

• He accuses Iglesias of announcing measures and issuing orders "forgetting that residences are not hospitals but homes", such as the order that says "staff who have had close contact with positive cases and do not present symptoms, continue to work". “Is this how you protect professionals? So our elders? "

• Warns that 49% of residences may have difficulty isolating, and that isolating positive cases requires testing. However, "five weeks later there are still no tests, no protective equipment or medical supplies"

• “Señor Iglesias, it is difficult to do everything right, but it is more difficult to do everything wrong. Five weeks later, can you tell me how many older people have died in residences with Coronavirus? ”

• He criticizes the second vice president for being “busier in being important than in being useful” to Spain: “He has been busier for being in the CNI than in protecting the 370,000 older people who live in residences and the 180,000 professionals who are in first line without means ”

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