The president of FEMEVAL, Vicente Lafuente, and the rector of the European University of Valencia, Amparo Galbis, have signed an agreement that includes the application of a ten percent discount on the offer of Vocational Training, Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies that this private university provides in its centers in Madrid, Valencia and the Canary Islands.

The scope is also for first-degree relatives and the qualifications are for training subsidized by the tripartite Foundation and they can also apply the PIF (Individual Training Permit).

This agreement is a bet of both entities to enhance the professional development and learning of metalworking companies. In this sense, the University will put its teaching and research capacities at the service of the companies associated with FEMEVAL. A background that favors that almost 90% of the graduates of the European University of Valencia find work in less than a year, and 72% in just three months. For its part, it is a global university given that 55% of students are of international origin and offers the possibility of internships and stays in 40 countries.

The agreement will also allow the enrollment in the Master in Digital Transformation, an initiative of this educational center designed to develop the skills and managerial skills that allow managing digital business and lead the transformation of traditional companies to the digital economy. The professional outputs of this Master's Degree range from director of new digital business lines in companies, innovation manager and innovative teams, innovation consultant and digital transformation to CEO, CMO, COO, CIO and CDO in startups.

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