José Luis Martínez-Almeida

It considers that "the first ruling" has been that Sánchez did not respond to the claim of the autonomous communities to approve "a stable legal framework" as a "middle point between a state of alarm and doing nothing"

  • It explains that, as a consequence, during the month of August the communities have been making the decisions they considered necessary and sometimes they have been denied by judicial decisions
  • “You cannot pretend to be the sole command in the state of alarm and then disengage. Governance also implies the co-responsibility of both the communities and the Government ”, he assures
  • He considers that "the parties cannot disconnect from the society that demands closeness, empathy and solutions and that is what the PP offers" in the face of the hard months ahead
  • He emphasizes that during the last meeting, the president of the PP, Pablo Casado extended his hand to Sánchez, reiterated his offer to reach eleven state pacts and exposed another ten issues on which he believed that PP and PSOE could agree
  • Faced with this, he criticizes that "the government spokesperson, who treated Rufián much better, covered Casado with disqualifications"
  • He describes as "amazing" that Sánchez did not meet with opposition leaders since February and points out that "if the Government does not have a clear strategy of counting on the opposition permanently and not temporary, the agreements are difficult"
  • He disagrees with the political position of Ciudadanos and reminds them that when they first approved the state of alarm, the first point of the agreement they signed with Sánchez was that he promised to have weekly contact with them. Is this Prime Minister really reliable?
  • He qualifies Vox's motion of censure as "error" because "it seeks polarization and confrontation that is not what the Spanish are demanding of us" and he advances that this motion "is extraordinarily good for Sánchez to continue with the high tone and that block policy that he likes so much "

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